5 Best Board Games for Camping
5 Best Board Games for Camping
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Most recommended
CampCamp Board Game
  • Up to 8 players
  • 400 questions and 99 facts
  • Ages 4 and up
A good choice too
Yard Games GiantYard Games Giant
  • 2 or more players
  • 56 pieces
  • Everyone can play!
A good choice too
UNO WildernessUNO Wilderness
  • 2-10 players
  • 108 cards
  • Ages 7 and up
Gofinditgofindit - Outdoor Nature Scavenger
  • 2-6 players
  • Flexible Playing Time
  • Ages 3 and up
Toasted or RoastedToasted or Roasted Card Game
  • 2-4 players
  • Waterproof, resealable bag
  • Ages 6 and up

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Board Games for Camping

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52.38% of users selected Camp, 19.05% selected Yard Games Giant, 9.52% selected UNO Wilderness, 0% selected Gofindit and 19.05% selected Toasted or Roasted. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Camping and board games don’t immediately seem to go hand in hand. One usually involves being outdoors enjoying nature, while the other is typically done indoors surrounded by people who may or may not be your favorite company at that moment. 

Campfires are one way for everyone to bond over some classic campfire stories or songs around the firelight, however, these experiences also lend themselves perfectly to playing certain types of games too. Not only do these provide an alternative type of fun than what you might get from the usual campfire activities, but it also provides a way to connect with your fellow campers in different ways than what you might be used to.

When you think about some of the best board games for camping there are many options that come to mind and all have their own unique qualities or challenges. The key is finding those that meet everyone’s needs, wants, and expectations at the time so no one feels left out while still fulfilling these requirements. 

At the same time making sure not to overdo this aspect as well because if certain members feel like they’re constantly being forced into playing specific types of games it can quickly become an issue where people don’t want to play anything anymore! 

Are you going camping soon? If so, you might be wondering what board games to bring. Experts have compiled a list of the best board games for camping from around the world that are perfect for playing on your next trip! Whether you’re looking for an easy and fun game to introduce kids, or if you want something more intense and strategic – these will have everyone entertained all night long.

Education Outdoors Camp Board Game – the Editor’s choice!

Camp is an outdoor board game that teaches while it entertains. The Camp Board Game is a fun trivia board game perfect for the outdoors! It’s educational, high-quality and has a great premise to test knowledge on an entertaining level. With 2-8 players, this is an easy way to spend time together as a family or with friends.

This is a rainy day, camping trip, or just some time outside appropriate game! Kids will learn interesting facts about nature and the outdoors as they play this engaging and informative outdoor activity. The perfect rainy day boredom buster for any family with children of different ages or abilities interested in camping, hiking or wildlife!

  • Designed for 2-8 players;
  • Great for outdoor use;
  • Good for all ages;
  • Entertaining and interesting gameplay;
  • High-quality trivia cards;

  • Small parts can be hazardous;
  • The theme is not quite camping-related;
  • Basic mechanics are quite simple for adults;

This new, creative game will help teach anyone playing about their environment while having fun. An ideal family activity for children of all ages everyone will learn something they didn’t know with this education outdoors camp board game!

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers – the best for camping party nights!

The Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers is an instant camping classic. The stakes are high for this internationally best-selling game of building and balancing.

Grab a friend to start stacking your timbers as you keep climbing higher than everyone else to get the ultimate yard bragging right. No amount of height or skill will stop this timber tower from tumbling down!

With a game that stands tall at over five feet, you can bet this game is an instant party starter. The Tumbling Timbers toy set includes 56 sustainable-sourced New Zealand Pine wood blocks hand-sanded smooth for easy setup and a challenging game play. Whether players want to stay in or head outside, they will be sure to have fun with this one!

  • Includes a nylon carrying case;
  • Can be built up to 5 feet;
  • Can reach 19 levels;
  • Can be players by teenagers and adults;
  • Eco-friendly;

  • Suitable for adults only;
  • Bulky;

The newest edition of the game features a larger size range perfect for both big and small groups so you can easily set up the board with your friends or family at any event such as outdoor parties, BBQs, tailgating events, group events, camping trips and more.

UNO Wilderness Card Game – the best for small groups!

Save room for the UNO Wilderness card game in your car while camping out! This classic game just got a wilderness makeover with fun and engaging content to keep you entertained while out on your next camping trip.

The adventure has never been bigger when matches are also based off of numbers and colors, but the easy-to-learn rules will have players shouting UNO in no time! Coming together to share laughter is also a huge part of this game that brings people closer together – so what are you waiting for? Grab your deck today and get outdoors with UNO Wilderness!

  • Good for the players aged 7+;
  • Good for 2 players;
  • Classic card game;
  • Funny to shout “Uno”;
  • Easy to learn;

  • Not for large groups;
  • Blue and green colors are bleak;
  • The cards are quite small for large hands;
  • Thin cards;

It’s not just for kids or family gatherings, UNO provides an engaging game that makes you feel like a kid again wherever you are. If you love to spend time outside enjoying nature, then don’t miss out on the outdoor friendly UNO Wilderness edition!

Gofindit Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Card Game – the best for all ages!

This is no ordinary card game. Play this Gofindit Card Game by sneaking around your house, in the park, on a boat or hike-it’s up to you. Whether you’re hiking along some of our country’s nature trails or just exploring your neighborhood park, one round can last anywhere from 2 minutes to the entire day.

Use all of your senses and get as creative as you want while completing challenges written on cards (or make up your own). The diversity of locations encourages players to explore their environment and see things from an angle they may not have seen before.

  • Good for toddlers and elderly people;
  • Great for family groups from 6 players;
  • You can arrange a natural outdoor scavenger hunt;
  • Fast-paced gameplay;

  • Bad packaging;
  • The game can be boring for some adults;
  • Too thin cards;

This outdoor scavenger card game invites players to utilize all their senses, and can even last the whole day. Outwit your opponents by hunting down clues that lead you closer in finding hidden objects – without giving them away!

Education Outdoors Toasted or Roasted Card Game – the best for exploring camping activities!

The Education Outdoors Toasted or Roasted Card Game is the latest in a new line of Outdoor Adventures products. Get competitive with your fellow campers and family members as you set out to be first to start your campfire and toast three marshmallows!

This family game is designed for a quick, fun experience that even includes three packs of original recipe mini marshmallows. Fire up your creative talents and get toasted or roasted with friends and family in this unique, offensive/defensive card game that will have players running for cover.

  • Good for first-time campers;
  • Funny camping-related illustrations;
  • Good for 4 players;
  • Includes a waterproof and resealable bag;
  • Quick setup;

  • Instructions are not clear;
  • Too slow for some users;

Toasted or Roasted is perfect for camping trips. Be the first player to start your campfire, while protecting it from rain, fire hazard and pesky marshmallow hunters (opponents can “rain” on your campfire, blow out fire or burn your marshmallows) without taking up too much space in the backpack.

The Buyer’s Guide

What are fun camp activities?

The following is a collection of fun camp activities that has been divided into categories. Each activity includes some basic information, including the skill level needed, duration and cost. Most activities are appropriate for elementary school or older children, but some may be adapted for younger age groups. 

The following recommendations are for average conditions. In hot, dry areas you will have to consider water availability; in cold-winter climates you’ll need suitable facilities (such as tents) to protect against wind and rain, cold temperatures or even snow; mountainous areas require ropes for climbing and paths should be checked for suitability before use.

Here is what you can do:

  • Roughing it. This camping idea focuses on kids learning how to survive in the wild through trial and error methods such as using tinder, making a fireplace, and purifying water; 
  • Camping days out. This camping idea focuses on kids spending time outdoors with an activity every day such as hiking, orienteering, or cycling;
  • Cultural camping. This camping idea focuses on learning about the environment your children are in through educational lectures, documentaries and games that they can share with their family when they return home;
  • Down time activities. These activities are fun camp ideas that focus on keeping kids entertained at night by themselves or with friends if adults allow them. These include storytelling, telling jokes/ riddles, playing board games, etc.;
  • Friendly competition. This camping idea focuses on kids learning teamwork and having fun by completing physical activities as a team or even just notching who they would rather have as their teammate;
  • Geocaching with kids. These activities are for the family that wants to up their adventure game. These include finding hidden items in the wilderness, completing tasks, or solving puzzles; 
  • Hidden camp art. Campers create art together while keeping themselves busy when waiting for food at a restaurant, cooking meals, during down time, etc. Participants could work on paintings, drawings, sculptures or any other form of art that be made with non-permanent materials;
  • Hunting and fishing. This activity focuses on teaching kids about nature and the wildlife within it through activities such as hunting, fishing, foraging, or even gardening;
  • Nature’s wonders. Camps who want to spend their time exploring can do so with “nature walks” where kids study nature by looking at bugs, leaves, or flowers given a specific prompt. They can also go camping in a specific location that has educational merit such as a museum area where they have dinosaur bones or an area with historical value;
  • Pioneering days out. Parents should make sure that children know basic knots before embarking on the task of pioneering activities. Knots are helpful for making a shelter, lashing items together and repairing damaged equipment;
  • Sand activities. This camping idea focuses on kids having fun playing with sand, building castles or structures with it while also learning about preservation efforts. Participants can build models of buildings, castles or animals using sand and then paint them to add color or leave them in their natural state;

What should you not do while camping?

The following games should be avoided while camping:

  • Monopoly (length);
  • Chess (thinking time required);
  • Donkey Kong (vertical gameplay, not appropriate for all ages);

Comic books and magazines do not make good reading material at a campsite. It’s very difficult to lie on your back in a cramped tent reading some superheroes fight Dr. Doom on the latest Fantastic Four cover. 

One of the most common mistakes you could make while setting up camp – being careless and forgetting about the real world outside your cozy tent. You won’t have much fun if you’re all alone with nothing to do except study that copy of Playbill you swiped from your parents’ coffee table, so plan ahead, and bring something that’s easy to read and can be done while sitting or reclining in a relaxed position.

Types of board games for camping

Camping is a great activity enjoyed by many people. It can be a competitive and fun experience for all that participate. Board games are an excellent way to have quality time with your family or friends while camping. They bring everyone together to enjoy something constructive, yet entertaining. 

There are several types of board games to use when camping, which include:

  1. Cardboard board game sets for 2-4 players

Some board games are small and can be brought with you anywhere, such as in your pocket or wallet. You may not wish to bring something that is fragile, so you would want something sturdy that will last throughout your trip. Other types of board games include those made from cardboard, aluminum, cloth fabric, wood material or any other hard durable material. 

The best part about a camping trip is enjoying nature with friends and family. Board games allow everyone in the group to have fun and enjoy their surroundings together at the same time. 

Furthermore, this activity helps build strong relationships because you are spending time together getting to know other people in your group. Board games give everyone something fun and constructive to do when camping.

  1. Cardboard board game sets for 4-8 players

Other types of games you can bring along with you include dice, playing cards, word search books or crossword puzzles. Board games are portable and easy to pack up into a backpack or a car trunk, so that they are available whenever you need them. 

Whether you are going on an overnight trip or several days long journey, these items will provide entertainment while enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty around you. So the next time you go attend a camping trip, be sure to bring some board games along with you so that everyone has the chance to enjoy himself or herself. You will be glad you did.


How do you camp if you hate camping?

Camping has evolved over the years , from pioneers cooking their meals over an open flame or overworked families cuddling in small pop-up trailers. Today’s modern outdoorsman has a whole new set of requirements when it comes to the gear they carry. 

There are so many ways to entertain yourself and your family while camping. From board games to smartphones, iPads and laptops , there’s an activity for everyone. There are even dozens of outdoor toys that can be used on a camping trip. A soccer ball or football makes a perfect addition when heading down a trail, and who knows? You might find yourself hosting an impromptu game of disc golf. 

Kids love iPods, but if they’re being charged from your vehicle’s auxiliary adapter or solar panel, then you’ve created more work for yourself. 

A better choice: have them bring a book or some quiet toys they can play with in their tent, and save the electronics battery life for later in the day when you’re relaxing at your campsite.

If you’re a gadget-lover:

The great thing about camping is that people can get back to nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to be without the gadgets you love. There are plenty of ways to stay connected even when you’re far away from city life. Satellite phones and devices offer global connections, and satellite internet is the perfect way to check your work email or post pictures on Facebook. If he’s willing to relax, a modern man can also set up his hammock with solar panel accessories and listen to tunes via a small Bluetooth speaker .


Keeping cool in hot weather:


Even if it’s scorching outside, many outdoor activities require preparation. You can still go fishing or canoeing even when it feels like Hades outside. Simply pack a bag with ice or frozen water bottles before you leave and purchase a small camping air conditioner to keep everyone cool when the sun goes down. If there’s electricity at your campsite, then you can plug it in to an electric fan for extra cooling power – just don’t point that thing at the tent.

Camping entourage:

In addition to sticking close by pals, pets make great camping friends too. Dogs love exploring new places, especially if they bring their human along for the ride. Cats are more finicky than dogs, but if you are socialized around people and animals, then he will probably have a good time (as long as he stays away from those annoying rodents). Just be sure you know the rules of your campsite beforehand so you can pitch a tent in peace.

What is the most confusing popular board game?

The Ticket to Ride board game has been played by over 3 million people. But it’s not as simple as it seems. It is a strategy board game where players can block the right paths for their opponents and also choose different strategies to complete their own destination tickets on time. 

A great gift idea for family members who love problems, this game covers 2-5 player rules, ages 8+, and 20 minutes playtime. The number of pieces in the original Ticket To Ride box is 141 but I don’t think anyone knows how many are actually there because some pieces may be missing or misplaced over time or during travel.

What makes this game totally confusing is that when a player loses a train, he or she must return it to the bottom of his or her train deck. This means you have 141 pieces going back and forth to the bottom of your deck in an endless cycle of confusion.

Is Jenga considered a board game?

Yes and no, at the same time.

Yes, because board games are defined as any game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or “board”. The board can be as big as an entire state map for Risk, Twister, or something as small as the Sorry! playing field (which includes only 26 spaces). Thus, while Jenga may not involve moving tokens around any sort of pre-marked board, it can be considered a board game because the blocks are placed on a flat surface.

No, because while Jenga does have some similarities to a board game such as Risk or Monopoly, it is not technically one. Board games are typically defined as those that require players to move tokens around on a pre-marked playing field or “board”.  

Since Jenga pieces are just stacked up and taken from the top without any real movement around an outside playing area, it isn’t technically considered a board game even though it has many of the same components that you would find in your average board game (e.g. strategy, set collection, etc.).

How many rows down can you pull in Jenga?

To begin a new row, the starting player removes one block and sets it on top of the tower. Players are not permitted to remove their block from the top 3 rows using only one hand or pull blocks from beyond the first three rows.

How do you play Uno in the wilderness?

The UNO Wilderness Edition is a special version of the classic card game designed for two to eight players. This edition uses animal cards, so instead of numbers and colors, each player must match animals in order to play one following card. 

There are 6 sets of animals: alligator, bear, beaver, deer, eagle owl & raccoon. Plus, an additional fish set (which may be used as normal wildcards). The official rules state that you can’t identify your own cards by color or number but this doesn’t mean you should just use any old deck when camping with kids! If there is only one adult playing then they probably want some fun competition too – not endless games where everyone else wins easily.

Uno is a game that requires little equipment and can be played as long as you have two or more people to join in. There are different variations of how to play Uno, some require zero camping supplies while others use items found outdoors like sticks for cards.  One of the more popular ways to play this game is by using a stick for each player and drawing cards on the ground.

Uno can be played in roughly half an hour, so it’s perfect when you’re camping with children who may lose interest quickly. It’s also good if you don’t have much time but want to relax before going off on another activity or excursion. The rules are relatively simple which makes it great for kids because they could learn how to properly play without needing too many instructions from adults.

How many cards are in the UNO Wilderness edition?

There are 108 cards in the UNO Wilderness edition.

How many cards are in Gofindit?

There are 108 cards in Gofindit. ​It’s small and compact, so it doesn’t take up much room in your backpack or storage. The rules can be modified to work around the outdoors too! You could even do this with other board games if you are willing to get creative. In case of rain, there wouldn’t be any issues either since everything would stay dry inside its tin box.

How do you play Gofindit game?

This is a game for 2 players. You can either start by playing with the suggested rules or come up with your own depending on your preferences. The board has an area to put all of the cards in their respective spots, and you need to create lines that have at least 3 matching numbers. If one player thinks there are moves that are no longer valid, the game is over.

How do you play Toasted or Roasted?

Toasted or Roasted is a card game that can be played by 2-4 people. The objective of the game is to get rid of all cards in your hand before any other players. You need to ask another player for help if you have no option but no one will want to assist you unless they are assured that they will win with this deal. However, there’s always an exception when someone else has nothing and he asks for assistance from the person who won’t gain anything after helping him out because he still needs more cards on his turn as well.

Being an owner of Jenga-Game.Com, I’m flattered each time people online, like Twitter, for instance, ask me to recommend board games for friends and families. One request inspired the series of reviews on this website. All of them are dedicated to picking the games for outdoor activities like a backyard party and camping. If you are also interested in my choice of the best board games for camping.

Major criteria for picking board games for camping nights

When going out with your friends or family for a camping trip, people usually think of playing such games as volleyball or Frisbee. But many campers also like playing not that active games and choose the board titles. These compact packs bring many positive emotions and unforgettable feelings. In addition, I insist on choosing board games that are easy to pack and transport. Opt for the small boxes with fewer medium-to-large pieces. Such games are easy to place in a backpack.

Also, I would like to recommend a solid, tight box or waterproof bag to make sure that all in-game cards and pieces remain intact. Fortunately, many manufacturers take into account that their products can be used not only at home but also at an outdoor party and by campers. I also possess a few board games in metallic cases that are surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry around.

Keep in mind that chips and dice are easy to lose, and lightweight cardboard pieces can be carried away by the wind, so choose the games with the heavy and large pieces. Make sure to pick the games that don’t require an actual big board for playing – you may end up laying on the board and crushing all little pieces on the ground. On the other hand, if there is a gazebo or folding table or anything else that replaces it at your disposal, then you can ignore this recommendation.

Personal top of 5 best board games for camping:

  1. Camp is great with a very good title for this particular pool of recommendations, don’t you think? It is good for 8 players, includes 400 questions and about 100 facts. Awesome pick for family game nights, because the recommended age is 4 years and older.
  2. Yard Games Giant is good for 2 players and more. It offers 56 pieces to build a tower;
  3. UNO Wilderness is another great game for 2-10 players camping. It features over 100 cards for players aged 7+;
  4. Gofindit is a board game with flexible playing time, awesome for 2-6 players aged over 3 years old;
  5. Toasted or Roasted is the personal favorite pick for my family, it is great for 2-4 players. I like that includes a waterproof bag;

Video Tutorial: How to Play UNO


Final thoughts 

Whether you’re looking for a game that’s perfect for your family, or if you want something more intense and strategic – these will have everyone entertained all night long. If you need help deciding what to bring on your next camping trip, look no further than this list of the best board games from around the world! 

Did you like my recommendations? What games do you usually play when going camping with friends and family? I really like to know your favorite titles to try and review them. Make sure to subscribe to the website, if you like the content.

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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  1. I’m an active camper who loves to go and visit different places. One of the best aspects of camping is getting away from civilization and all the technology associated with it. It’s a must to have a wide variety of games when you go camping and I think you nailed a perfect list.

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