5 Best Tetherball Sets
5 Best Tetherball Sets
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Lifetime 90029 Portable Tetherball System
Portability and Stability
Weather and rust-resistant
For outdoor use
Park & Sun Sports
Park & Sun Sports Permanent Outdoor Tetherball Set
Resists Rusting
Soft Synthetic Material
All Surface PRO Swingball Tetherball
Ages 6+
Steel tube adjustable
Play anywhere
Baden Champions Series Tetherball Set
Ball pump included
Ages 6+
Park & Sun Sports
Park and Sun Classic Tetherball Set
Ball pump included

Tetherball Rules

First, one to the court is the server. Ask the challenger which way they want to go. Challenger chooses its direction. Wrap the ball around the opposite way before serving. Serve to start. Let the ball go around one time.

The first one to wrap the ball around the pole wins. This is a tether. If you commit a foul during the game, you are out. Examples of fouls: throwing the ball, touching the rope, catching and throwing the ball, crossing the line, touching the pole. After three wins, the server must go to the end of the line. Don’t forget to be a good sport.

Video Tutorial: How to play tetherball

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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  1. The rules in my time, 26 years ago;
    Receiver is the winner of the flipping coin and choose his side.
    Server lost it and must send the ball the exact way the receiver want.
    Server send the ball the way the receiver want it. Receiver resend the ball to the server the way he want as demonstration and must copy that. If not 3 time. Server is out and does not count as win for the receiver but he have a point.
    Receiver have a good service, the game begin.
    You cannot throw the ball or touch the rope in game. You have to hit the ball with your hand, your head, your foot.
    If a player touch the rope by mistake, undo all the turn since this moment. The other player can ask for a service, the service he want, or throw the ball with the rope(cant swing the ball in hand, must use the rope). At some point its easier to ask for a service..
    The winning player got 1 point.
    All the guess in lane must play with the winner till he loose. If time is a factor, 3 win and the winner must go in lane.
    Hand, head can go over the line but if a foot touch the ground on the other side, undo the turn since this moment and the other player receive a service or throw the ball with the rope
    Players in guess lane are the judge 50%+1 when a misunderstand appen.

    1. Excuse me.
      There is a rule in my school in tetherball call a trickie.
      A trickie is a rule when a person hits the ball the opponent’s way, then when it comes back to the person who did a trickie, they hit the ball their way.
      They do this to make their hits stronger.

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