Drinking Jenga Rules
Drinking Jenga Rules
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The internationally popular game is excellent not only for kids, their motor, and mental development. It’s fantastic for small groups of friends and strangers that meet and spend some time together. These simple sets of wooden tiles will make your intimate or swinging parties fantastic, outstanding, and fabulous!

Drunk Jenga Party at Home

If you drink alcohol, why don’t you laugh at simple, real-life situations that don’t offend anybody present in the rooms or the ones that are temporarily absent? This amusing entertainment helps you to get each other’s measure, make friends, and relax. Will you be able to pull a block accurately when you are drunk? So, check the basic Jenga drunk rules and arrange an unordinary surprise get-together for your friends or colleagues.

The Best Occasions for a Jenga Party

The entertainment can be arranged in the room or outdoors when the weather is fine. The best places for the party are:

  • your private house (when the parents are not at home);
  • a college dormitory;
  • backyard;
  • a hotel room.

Drinking Jenga Game at Office

The game can be suitable for two people, for example, during a date: for a small birthday party or anniversary, for a pint-size team retreat. For instance, Christmas is a wonderful occasion when you can play and communicate with your family members or friends all through the night and come into its own, becoming plastered to the wall and relaxed. By the way, a Jenga set would be fantastic, dream Christmas gift, versatile, suitable for anybody and quite unconventional.

However, as the set includes only up to 54 blocks, the number of players is to be limited. Otherwise, the game would be too short and not challenging for everybody.

The Essential Stuff to Play Drinking Jenga

The only thing you need for drunk Jenga is special, professionally-crafted set. It commonly includes:

  • up to 54, standard-size wooden tiles, polished and ornamented;
  • a beg to carry the components;
  • a stand or a tray to build the tower.

Drinking Jenga Party with Friends

The blocks’ sizes can be different; I guess, large, oversized ones are the most suitable for a drinking party. They are to be durable, solid, as they can get into hot water, so, the items made of hardwood would be preferable. The tiles are to be painted in bright colors, by permanent markers or the special spray paint. The funny questions or phrases are to be written on the boards.

Additionally, a table with the alcoholic drinks is to be nearby, as the game rules demand it. Therefore, let’s study and apply them.

Jenga Drunk Game Rules

Thus, preparations for the party can be amusing, as well. Take a marker and scribe some questions and tasks to perform on each item. It’s preferable to write the phrases or questions on large, face block size.

The standard, typical tasks for the players exist. They include offers to take a drink, speak with a strange accent, make some noise, kiss somebody, call a friend, order some food, text a funny message. The suggestions to drink may be intended to ladies and gentlemen, the oldest and the youngest person, the tallest and the shortest player. However, Jenga is a quite liberal, versatile game so that the rules may depend on the party occasion, the ages, convictions of the players, and the relations between them.

Jenga Drinking Game Tasks

For example, a rule to share a joke can be suitable for everybody. Only very close friends can be offered to remove some pieces of clothing. The proposition to lick the carpet would be good only for the very end of the party, but I would prefer a washroom break.

How to Play Drinking Jenga?

Thus, the phrases are to be written on the blocks in beforehand. When the time to play the game comes:

  1. put the tower together;
  2. each player is to pull an item from the row and locate it on the tower top;
  3. the task written on the surface is to be completed;
  4. proceed with the adjacent row of blocks.

The tower commonly consists of 18 stories; only 3 tiles per story. You are to pull and remove a tile from one of the bottom rows that is not stable, able to make the whole building fall down.

Drinking Giant Jenga Game

Unofficial rules also exist, being plentiful and diverse. For example, you can be ordered to pull the tile by one hand, holding a wine glass by the other hand; knock the tower after having a drink, cracking a joke or completing the task. The primary benefit of the game is that you are completely free to apply your imagination. Just adjust the rules and tasks for the views and tastes of your guests and have fun!

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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