How to Play Jenga?
How to Play Jenga?
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Nowadays in the age of computer games, when children and adults can’t live without various gadgets, for many of us it becomes a sensation that in addition to many online strategies and shooters, there is the no less beautiful world of board games that can attract people of any age, gender, and preferences. The most important and most valuable thing is that board games can give us communication which our smartphones always deprive us. You can be sure that such board games as Jenga can force you to put off your phone and forget about it for long hours, especially if there is a great company nearby!

How to Play Jenga? Read Rules!

In this article, we are going to consider how to play Jenga game and even will give you some secrets of winning. Are you ready?

Step #1: Choose a company

The main thing that makes Jenga so cool for so many years already is that you play with the company. Of course, you can play on your own, trying to beat your own records but agree, it is much better to spend this time with the company of your friends in the strong battle for so desired win! So, all preparation for playing Jenga starts with choosing the company. As a rule, four players is enough to play this game; however, you can choose more people also. The main condition is the great mood of the players and strong willing to win! Will it be the noisy party of friends or pastime with your family, your choice.

Step #2: Read the rules

Rules of the game are understandable to both adults and children. Folding the “floors” of the tower, with three bars in each, you need to create the tower, then you need to move the bars from the lower floors to the top in such a way that the tower does not fall. The loser is the one who breaks the tower. From the first view, Jenga seems to be a simple game for children but believe us, if you once try, you will not be able to stop playing it again and again. There are many different Jenga strategies and tips for winning, so you can always find out something new and set new records. The basic rules of this game are the following:

  • Prior to starting the game, you need to prepare a tower, that is, to build eighteen floors;
  • Each floor consists of 3 wooden blocks, aligned in parallel and close to each other;
  • The next floor must be built perpendicular to the previous floor;
  • The player who built the tower starts a game;
  • Each player, in turn, pulls out a wooden block from any floor, except the top two;
  • You can pull out the block with only one hand;
  • Holding the tower is not allowed;
  • Any block can be stopped moving if it can cause the falling of the tower;
  • The player in whose turn the tower fell loses.

Useful Video

It would seem that everything is simple in this game, but even here there are tricks and ways to win. And here we’d like to offer you one “magic” strategy.

Step #3: Winning strategy

Try to be stick to each of the following rules and your chances to win will rise greatly!

  1. Do not be in a hurry! Do not push yourself. If you hurry to Jenga, you will lose more than win. Feel each brick and start with those that can be easily pulled out. More fixed bars leave for later when the tower’s weight is redistributed and they can be easily extracted.
  2. No strategy. Yes, you read it right. Forget about any strategy; just do not waste time on it. Why? Because each bar at least a bit, but is different in weight and size from the rest, so all the “rules that always work” that you collected before will be different from one game to another.
  3. Higher does not mean better. A lot of players try to build the highest tower. This is the most common mistake. The higher the tower, the more unstable it is.
  4. Be deft. The rules say that pulling out the bars from the tower, and you can only use one hand. But the hand become tired, which can be bad for the result. But the rules do not say anything about the fact that hands can’t be changed. Also, nowhere is it said that you can’t balance the tower with your shoulder, using your hand as a staple.
  5. Control the tower. Even if it seems to you that there are no more available bricks, they can be made as such. How? For example, if the central block on the “floor” was removed, and the two side ones were left, pinch them from one edge (making them a diagonal in the square), and then pull out one of them.
  6. Correctly distribute the load. Putting the blocks on top of the tower can give you an advantage over the opponent. You can complicate the task of your opponent by putting the bars only on one side. But be careful, if your opponent copes with your trap, you can turn up in the same situation.
  7. And finally, the biggest difficulty in the Jenga game is to cope with a laugh, which in most cases is the cause of the loss.

The wide popularity of this game was achieved because of its simple rules and the wide variety of strategies and tips to apply. You can realize the plan considered above or create your own, don’t stop trying new methods and setting the new records. Who knows, maybe your next Jenga will be the highest among all existing? Create your own Burj Khalifa without leaving home and in the company of your closest friends!

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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  1. Jenga game is best for groups of friends, I think. Anyone can play and enjoy it but it seems most fun when you’re playing against close friends.

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