5 Best Space Board Games
5 Best Space Board Games
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Indie Boards
Indie Boards and Cards Terraforming Mars Board Game
1 to 5 players
Ages 12 and up
Player boards and markers
Roll for The Galaxy
Roll for The Galaxy Board Game
2-5 Players
Great strategy game
45 minute playing time
Stronghold Games
Stronghold Games Terraforming Mars Hellas & Elysium The Other Side of Mars Expansion
1–5 Players
90–120 Min
Age: 12+
Space Alert
Space Alert
1-5 players
30 minutes to play
Cooperative game
SolarQuest The Space-Age Real Estate Game: Deluxe Edition
2-8 players
2 levels of game play
Age: 8+

Video Tutorial: How to play Roll for the Galaxy

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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