5 Best Board Games for 11 Year Olds
5 Best Board Games for 11 Year Olds
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Most recommended
Watch Ya"Watch
  • For 2-10+ players
  • 143 family safe phrases
  • Ages 3+
A good choice too
Sequence GameSequence Game
  • For 2-12 players
  • Game of strategy
  • Ages 7 and up
A good choice too
5 Second RulePlayMonster 5 Second Rule
  • For 3 or More Players
  • Includes 576 questions
  • Age 10 and up
SpontuneousSpontuneous - The Song Game
  • For 4-10 Players
  • 30 minute playing time
  • Age 8+
SimonSimon Game
  • For 1+ Players
  • For on-the-go fun
  • Age 8+

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31.53% of users selected Watch Ya, 17.24% selected Sequence Game, 24.14% selected 5 Second Rule, 15.27% selected Spontuneous and 11.82% selected Simon. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A board game is an action game with physical objects on the table or the hands of involved players. Such a game often simulates different processes and situations (including historical events). 11-year-old players are not little kids anymore but they are still interested in active board titles.

Benefits of playing board games for 11-year-olds:

  • They do not require physical training or regular money investments;
  • They stimulate attentive skills, imagination, and memory of 11-year-olds, teach them to make decisions and expand their horizons;
  • Safe for vision and nervous system, which distinguishes them from PC games (especially relevant for children);
  • Provide fun activities and develop communication skills between 11-year-old players;
  • Games are very diverse in the story – everyone can pick up the title to his or her liking;

A board game usually includes a playing board, dice, cards, chips, tokens, figures, rules and some other items. When you pick the games for 11-year-old players, focus on the titles that require intellectual effort. Such games develop logical thinking, memory, erudition and improve concentration.

Different types of board game titles for 11-year-old players:

  • Puzzle – requires players to be smart and use a logical approach;
  • Quiz – unlike a puzzle game, offers players to demonstrate erudition and knowledge;
  • War games reconstruct historical or invented battles. The games let the players feel like a skilled commander;
  • Strategic games differ from the war-based titles a wider range of tasks facing the wise ruler. The goal of a strategic game is to build a strong city/state/civilization by military, economic and political approaches;

Parents should pay attention to the board titles based on famous PC games (World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Fortnite) or movies (Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars). They will be interesting to 11-year-old fans of the relevant games or movies.

Top 5 best board games for 11-year-old players:

  1. Watch Ya is good for 2-10 players, with over 140 family safe phrases;
  2. Sequence is a game of strategy for 2-12 players from the age of 7 and higher;
  3. 5 Second Rule includes over 550 questions, for 3 or more players from the age of 10 years;
  4. Spontuneous offers 30-minute sessions of playing time for a team of 4-10 players (age 8+);
  5. Simon is a hilarious pick for solo or team playing. You may check the video with the tutorial to this title;

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If you`re looking for a board game that will keep your 11-year old entertained and engaged, then look no further than this list of the best board games for 11 year olds. These kids` favorites are great choices to help grow their brain, improve social skills, or just have fun with family and friends!

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition

Wooden Stacking Building Blocks by LewoThe best-selling,original,and award-winning party card game: Australian toy association named it the 2017 toy of the year. If you’re looking for the greatest board game or card game to play with a small group,this is it.

Imagine seeing your friends’ hilarious expressions as they attempt to say “warm beef meatballs.” While wearing cheek retractors/mouth pieces,imagine your friends’ silly faces.

Have fun with friends or family: Players wear cheek retractors and say phrases while their teammates guess what they’re talking about. This pack has a total of 143 kid-friendly phrases. It’s great for people of all ages,including children who are 8 years old and up.

Get the adult upgrade if you’re a bad person who likes to say indecent things; purchase the adult bundle if you enjoy being an awful person.

  • easy to learn and play; kids can play without supervision or reading required
  • fun for all ages (kids,adults,and seniors)
  • no batteries needed; no apps need to download either!

  • Some words are more mature.


Wooden Stacking Building Blocks by LewoPlayers or teams compete to score the necessary number of five-card SEQUENCES before their opponents by playing a card from their hand and placing a chip on the game board – when you have five in a row,it’s a SEQUENCE.

It’s simple enough for youngsters,but it’ll keep adults on their toes! STEM abilities are developed by engaging gameplay,such as planning. For 2-12 players aged 7 and up.

  • easy to learn and play; kids can play without supervision or reading required
  • fun for all ages (kids,adults,and seniors)
  • no batteries needed; no apps need to download either!

  • The number of red markers is only half as many as the other colors.

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule

Wooden Stacking Building Blocks by LewoPick a card,read the simple topic,then start the timer! Now with only 5 seconds to name 3 items that are relevant to the theme,it doesn’t appear so easy! In this fast-paced party game,players become tongue-tied,hilarious answers emerge,and laughter is inevitable.

The marbles race down the twisted timer, making a pleasant “zoooooop!” Rules and cards for 576 questions on 288 tiles, a 5-second twisted marble timer, and a fun sound Designed for 3 or more players 10 years old and up.
  • easy to learn and play; kids can play without supervision or reading required
  • fun for all ages (kids,adults,and seniors)
  • no batteries needed; no apps need to download either!

  • Not all questions are suitable for young children.
  • Some topics require detailed understanding of some subjects.


Wooden Stacking Building Blocks by LewoHOW TO PLAY: If you’ve ever responded to a particular word by bursting into song,Spontuneous is for you! The game is easy to learn. Each player makes a Hit List with numerous Trigger Words. When it’s your turn you announce a word from your list and flip the timer.

The first player to sing at least 5 words from any song containing the Trigger Word is allowed to move ahead on the board. Keep an eye out for additional musical challenge spots hidden throughout the playing area!

SPONTUNEOUS IS A LOT OF FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Spontuneous is a lot of fun for the whole family! Even the most skeptical game night participant will be held attention with this game’s simple game play and 30-minute average duration. Anyone who knows a few songs can perform well at Spontuneous.

SPONTUNEOUS IS UNIQUE: Spontuneous is a versatile game that can be played at any time of year. Do you have a birthday or an anniversary coming up? Unplug from your devices and enjoy nature at night. Pulling out Spontuneous to entertain the youngsters until the pizza arrives at your child’s.

TALENT NOT REQUIRED: Do you feel uncomfortable singing? There are no worries if you are shy or self-conscious about singing. Everyone shines when they play this game,whether it’s shouting or singing it.If you don’t know any of the lyrics to the most basic songs,old hits,or even nursery rhymes,then this game isn’t for you. You don’t have to name that song! Simply recall some music with the provided Trigger Word and you’ll be a winner in no time!

Spontuneous is a wonderful method for families,friends,and more to get together without their phones and enjoy quality time together.Nothing is more enjoyable than taking a break from your daily routine to play a board game with your favorite people and make new memories. For your next game night,gathering,or family home night,pick up Spontuneous.

  • easy to learn and play;
  • kids can play without supervision or reading required
  • fun for all ages (kids,adults,and seniors)
  • no batteries needed; no apps need to download either!

  • Requires a decent level of knowledge about songs.

Classic Simon Board Game

Wooden Stacking Building Blocks by LewoIt’s the tried and true Simon game! It’s the thrilling electronic game of lights and sounds in which players must repeat random sequences of flashing lights by pressing the colored pads in the appropriate order. It’s enjoyable to play alone or with friends to see who can top the high score.

The color pattern and recitation must be remembered in order to win the Simon game. It begins gently,but as you play,the patterns become more complicated,adding to the tension with each turn. Players strive to set a new high score by completing the longest sequence possible without making any mistakes. Can you overcome Simon?

The suspense grows as you struggle to keep up with the light sequences,which become more difficult.If you fail a sequence,the Simon game will play a ‘fail’ sound and show your score. On the game unit,each time the green light flashes,count 1 point.If all of the lights flash simultaneously,you’ve earned 10 points. Continue to push yourself by attempting to beat your own best score.

Get set to watch,remember,and repeat! It’s a fast-paced game with lights and sounds that put you to the test with each sequence. Experience the excitement as you repeat the routines and move up to higher levels. Keep track of your score while competing against friends or attempting to top your own high mark!

  • Two different speed levels
  • Includes classic game sounds and music
  • Unit has a comfortable handle for easy portability

  • It can be difficult to remember the sequence of lights.
  • It is also very quiet,making it hard to hear which light pattern will come next.
  • The unit requires four AA batteries in order to work properly.

Buyer’s Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Board Game For 10-12 Year Olds

Number and age of players (and whether they’re experienced gamers) -Length of time required to play the game. It’s important that you get a sense for how long it will take your child to learn and master each particular board game before making a purchase,so you don’t want to be caught off guard when an hour has passed and it’s still not even time to serve dinner.

A lot of board games for ten year olds feature a large number of pieces and little to no instructions. It’s important that you look closely at the details before deciding which game is right for your child,because even looking like it might be easy to play can turn out otherwise when you actually open up the box and see how much stuff there is to assemble.

Spend a few minutes thinking about how much of the game your kid actually gets to play and whether playing time is evenly distributed throughout the board game or if there’s some downtime for other players while one player takes on what might seem like too big of an advantage in comparison with those they’re up against.

A good rule-of-thumb is that if your kid isn’t having fun during the downtime,it’s probably not because he or she doesn`t understand how to play; instead,you might need to look for a different game.

Length of time required to play the game -If they’re enjoying what they see on screen while playing video games and watching movies,it’s a good bet that they’ll enjoy playing board games,too.

Finally,when looking at the various options out there for your eleven year old child and how age-appropriate each might be for his or her particular personality and interests,you should pay very close attention to whether the game seems like just another way of learning math facts without any real purpose or fun.

Play Time

While there are a lot of games that 11-year olds will play, it’s important to be aware of their age and abilities. But as long as you do this,the world is your oyster! With some patience and attention from parents or other adults,many board games can become valuable learning opportunities for children who want to build their skills and improve their understanding of the world.

Play Time

Board games can help children to:

  • Improve their cardiovascular endurance,upper body strength and stamina.
  • Develop cognitive abilities such as memory,visual perception and attention to detail.
  • Enhance strategic thinking by practicing problem solving skills.

Build social confidence through interaction with peers or adults in a low pressure environment where they can learn communication strategies for success.


Board games come with a wide range of difficulties. Some are extremely simple and easy to play,while others can be very complicated even for adults who have played these types of games many times before.

In addition,some require players to think more or less quickly than others based on where they fall within the spectrum of their own age group-this is especially true of children’s board games.

For this reason,it can be helpful to think about what your 11-year old enjoys doing when considering the best type of game for them to play by themselves or with others.


Time Board games are a great way to spend quality time together as a family. When you gather around the table with your kids,it’s an opportunity for them to show off their strategy skills and learn new ones while having fun. That being said,not all board games are suitable for children at this age level. We have carefully selected our top ten board games for 11 year olds. We have selected board games that are fun,engaging and educational. Our list includes board games for girls and boys.


All board games come with a theme that has to be followed,and it adds an element of interest to the game. Board games for 11 year olds can have any kind of theme from history or geography,through science fiction and fantasy. Even sports themes are possible as long as they allow you to play.

Today, we are going to talk about the best board games for 11 year olds that they will love playing with their friends or family members. We will highlight some of them in detail and make sure you choose one which is right for your child’s needs.

Replay Value

A game with high replay value is one that you will enjoy playing over and over again. Replay value is an important factor when picking board games for 11 year olds because it means they are good at keeping your child’s interest. The more the better! You want to be able to play a board game multiple times,not just once or twice.

Board games can be ranked on their replay value by asking yourself these questions:

  • How many people can play? The more players the better! Having more players means there will always be someone to join in. If you find most board games for 11 year olds are only good with four or five,then it may not have high replay value.
  • How long will it take to play? The longer the game,the less likely you’ll want to play again right away. If your child gets bored of waiting for others to finish their turns,then you may find yourself ignoring this board game after one round. On the other hand if a board game takes two hours and everyone wants to play again,it’s got high replay value!
  • Does the game have different levels? If a board game has multiple difficulty settings or easily adjustable rules then you may be more likely to want to sit down and play another round. A few games on this list will even let players create their own version of the game by changing up some of the rules.
  • Is the game complicated? If you find yourself constantly looking up answers or flipping through the rule book to keep playing,then it probably isn’t a very high replay value board game for 11 year olds. Keep in mind that younger children are less likely to want to play games with complex rules and more questions they have to answer throughout the game.

Choosing a board game with high replay value is important because it means your child will want to play over and over again! If they are constantly asking you to set up the next round,then you have found yourself some great games for 11 year olds that don’t get boring easily. Just make sure everyone wants to sit down and play a few rounds before you purchase it.

Expansion Options

Expansion packs: for example,to add extra cards or boards. These can be something like a new city that is added into the game; it adds an element of variation and excitement to each play through. If you buy expansion packs when buying your 11 year old their board games they will definitely want to get more use out of them.

Games by Gender

If you have a daughter, it can be hard to find games that she enjoys.

Many popular board games do not include women as part of the game play and rely on stereotypes when depicting characters in their rules or illustrations.
This can be a turn off for many little girls and they might not want to play. Fortunately,there is an increasing number of games that feature strong female characters or support girl power in their rules. This is a great way to have fun with your daughter and teach her about female empowerment.

Boys Board Games

Zombie Dice – a quick and easy dice game for any zombie fan. This is a fun way to introduce younger kids into the world of board games,while also being able to play with adults without feeling too overwhelmed or bored.

Boys Board Games

Mousetrap – an excellent first game for kids who are just learning how to follow rules,as well as being a ton of fun. The board is set up using pieces that fit together similar to Legos,allowing children the ability to build their own unique version each time they play.

Hisss – A unique game that is easy to learn and perfect for the 11 year old who is trying out board games for the first time. This simplified version of snakes & ladders keeps young children engaged,while still being challenging enough to keep adults entertained as well.

Comic Book Hero vs The Blue Meanie– this exciting card game challenges players to fight back against the villains. There are a lot of different ways to play,so this one is great for an 11 year old who likes variety and adventure games.

RoboRally – In this classic board game from the 90s,players control robots as they try to reach their destinations first by programming them at the start of each round. Players have several options on how to move their robot,but need to be careful not to get in each other’s way. Be sure you’re up for a challenge before trying this one out!

Girls Board Games

If you have a girl who is 11 years old and would like to play board games,there are some great ones available. Here we will list the top five best girls’ board games for 11 year olds that she can enjoy with her friends or family.

Best Board Games for Girls

Girls Who Code: Get Real  – This game is great for girls who like coding because it helps them to think about the creative things that could be done with code,and how they can use their knowledge to help others.

What Do You Meme?  – If your 11 year old girl has a strong personality and loves memes,this game is a great option. It can help them to learn more about themselves and others through the memes that they use,which will make for an entertaining time with family or friends.

Candy Land  – This game is great for small children because it helps them to learn how to take turns,and also goes through the colors of the rainbow. It can be a very calming activity that will help your young girl relax after a long day at school or with friends.

Monopoly Junior – If you are looking for an educational game,this one is great. It will help your young girl to learn about money,counting and different ways of earning cash. It is a great game for teaching responsibility, and it will be fun to play with family or friends.

Chutes and Ladders  – This is a classic game,but it can be very fun. It teaches counting skills as well as being able to take turns with others,which will come in handy when your girl gets older and she needs these lessons from an early age. It is also a great game to play with family members.

With these five games, your girl will be able to have fun and learn valuable lessons that can help her now as well as when she becomes an adult. They are all very easy to find online or in most stores where board games are sold. As long as you can find a few of these games, your 11 year old girl will have many hours of fun with her family and friends.

Best Games Overall

King of Tokyo – Great for older kids,this game is easy to learn and fun for everyone. Kids will love the monster theme and simple mechanics that involve rolling six-sided dice. A great game to play with the whole family.

Codenames – A twist on classic board games,this is a good choice for kids who love word games. The rules are simple and fun for everyone involved. Kids will enjoy trying to outwit their opponents as they race against the clock in order to win!

Risk Legacy- Kids who love strategy games will be drawn to this title. Risk Legacy is a great choice for kids looking to immerse themselves in a detailed and immersive world that they can build as the game progresses.

Settlers of Catan– This game requires no reading and is easy to learn. A classic game that can be played with the whole family,this title will keep kids entertained for hours!

Ticket to Ride– A classic board game that is both fun and challenging. Kids will love the exciting theme as they race across America,collecting train cards in order to complete their ticket!

Splendor– Kids who love games with detailed strategy will enjoy this title. This game requires concentration and good decision making in order to win,so kids won’t get bored!

Best Games Overall

Pandemic– A cooperative game that is both suspenseful and challenging,Pandemic takes teamwork to the next level. Players must work together against a board that is constantly evolving in order to win. Kids will love the fast-paced gameplay and immersive theme!

Catan Junior– A great choice for kids who are new to board games,this title has simple rules and a fun thematic twist on classic Settlers of Catan. Easy enough for younger players to enjoy,while challenging enough that older kids will love it too!

Carcassonne – This is a tile board game that requires nimble thinking. Kids will love the fun medieval theme and easy to learn mechanics of this game!

Dixit– An aesthetically pleasing game,kids can play with friends or family. This title requires careful thought as players must try to guess their opponent’s card in order to win!

Forbidden Island – A cooperative mystery themed board game that kids will love to play. Players must work together in order to beat the game and escape with their lives!

For Sale – This is a great choice for players who know how to read. With simple mechanics,this title takes only minutes to learn so you can start playing right away!

Lords of Waterdeep– Kids who love Dungeons and Dragons will love this title. This game is easy to learn,but challenging enough that kids won’t get bored.

Types of Board Games for 11 Year Olds

There are many types of board games that will appeal to your child.

Board Games for 11 yo:

  • Cooperative Board Games – These employ teamwork,encouraging players to work together to reach a common goal and win as a unit. This is great for kids who enjoy playing with others and want team members they can rely on. Cooperative games are often used in classrooms to teach kids how to work together.
  • Strategy Board Games for 11 Year Olds – These board games focus on strategy and planning,teaching your child the importance of careful thought before making a move or taking an action. They can also be very competitive,where one player wins at the end.
  • Skill Board Games for 11 Year Olds – These board games focus on a child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. They often involve completing simple tasks,like balancing game pieces or stacking blocks. Some also help kids build fine motor skills as they complete more complex challenges. Kids who enjoy these types of activities will have fun playing them outside of the board game.
  • Party Board Games for 11 Year Olds – These are a good option if your child loves to play with others, and they`re also great if you have a large group of kids who all want to get together and play games. Party board games often involve creative thinking or acting out certain roles in order to win each round.
  • Word and Trivia Board Games for 11 Year Olds – These allow players to use their knowledge of words or trivia questions in order to win the game. Kids can hone their reading skills as they read each question, and they`ll improve their vocabulary as well. They also help kids learn new facts on a variety of different subjects,so they’ll stay interested in learning more.
  • Number Board Games for 11 Year Olds – These board games help kids practice basic math skills like addition,subtraction,multiplication and division. They can use these life-long skills to win each round of the game or reach a certain number first. If your child is struggling with their numbers at school, this is a great way for them to practice outside of the classroom.
  • Teamwork Board Games for 11 Year Olds – These board games encourage kids to work together as a team,planning their moves carefully and coordinating with each other. Players will also learn how to follow rules,so they know what is expected of them before the game even begins.
  • Fast Paced Games for 11 Year Olds – These games are a lot of fun,and they’re also great for keeping your child active. They can help kids get rid of excess energy while improving their reflexes and reaction times as well. You can also play them with friends or siblings to encourage your kids to communicate and work together.
  • Educational Board Games for 11 Year Olds – These games help children learn while playing, teaching numbers and letters,problem solving and more in a fun way that encourages learning through trial and error. Kids will enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out each game,learning new things with every round.
  • Family Board Games for 11 Year Olds – These are perfect if you`re planning a game night or want to get together with friends or family members on the weekends. They often involve teamwork,so your child can play alongside others while practicing their skills and having fun at the same time.

Board games are a great way for kids to spend quality time with family and friends,while also learning new things. They`re perfect for rainy days or anytime you can gather everyone together in one place.

Kids will love playing board games with their parents as well as their siblings and friends too!

Types of Board Games for 11 Year Olds

Board games are a fun activity that helps your child learn important skills and practice new ones as well. They can help your child build their confidence,work on teamwork skills or even learn a few jokes along the way!


What is the best board game for an 11 year old?

To answer this question,we must first understand what is so special about 11 year olds. At age eleven kids already have a strong personality and are developing independence. They want to try new things and can easily become bored with old pastimes they once liked. That’s why the best board games for an 11 year old should be both challenging and entertaining.

Board games are a great way to help 11 year olds learn new skills,develop social interactions with family members or friends,as well as have fun outdoors on sunny days. When choosing the best board game for an 11 year old, consider what they like doing in their free time whether it’s playing soccer,sports video games.

What is the most family friendly board game?

The most family friendly board game is Monopoly. It includes a variety of pieces to collect and play with as you travel around the board,including houses and hotels that can be purchased for rent income. In addition,it has two different versions: classic monopoly and speed-monopoly – both are fun!

What is the funnest family game?

Apples to Apples Junior is a great choice for this age range. It’s similar to the adult version but with kid friendly cards and wording that your kids will enjoy. It’s a great way to get your kids thinking and learning while having fun.

Googly Eyes is another good choice for this age range that will have everyone laughing with hours of entertainment ahead. The object of the game is simple,each person takes turns drawing an eye on their forehead without looking at it combined with giving clues about what they drew. The other players have to guess what they’re drawing by asking questions until someone gets it right.

This is a great choice because kids at this age enjoy being silly and goofy while having fun with their family,so go ahead and pick up Googly Eyes the next time you need something for your 11 year old kid in your life.

What game can you play without anything?

You can play the game of Tic Tac Toe without anything.

What can you play without a phone?

A lot of board games can be played without a phone. Here are some examples: Monopoly, Life, Clue and Risk.

There are also some card games that can be played without a phone. These include: Uno,Hearts and Euchre.

If you have friends over,there is no need for a screen to play these games!

Video Tutorial: Simon


The market is filled with board games for 11 year olds so it can be hard to choose one. But you have all the information now,so go ahead and look around our website or head over to Amazon.com where you will find a great selection of fun board games at discounted prices! If you are still undecided about which game would suit your child,feel free to contact us.

So there you have it! We hope that our buyer’s guide helped you figure out which games are best for your 11 year old kid. Happy playing!

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Clack! Game Review

[su_note note_color="#ffffff" radius="2"] [su_slider source="media: 2769,2770" width="300" responsive="no" title="no" centered="no" pages="no" mousewheel="no" autoplay="7000"][su_button url="https://www.amazon.com/AMIGO-CLACK-Kids-Magnetic-Stacking/dp/B07CN54C42/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=jenga05-20&linkId=c04668ba599c2c9368c560cf186f89cf&language=en_US" rel="nofollow" target="blank" style="ghost" background="#32c07a" color="#32c07a" size="7" center="yes" radius="0" class="alignleft" icon="icon: user" icon_color="#32c07a"]Customer Reviews[/su_button]Clack! is a game of quick decisions and speedy hands, powered by dice and magnets. Haim Shafir designed the game. [su_button url="https://www.amazon.com/AMIGO-CLACK-Kids-Magnetic-Stacking/dp/B07CN54C42/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=jenga05-20&linkId=c04668ba599c2c9368c560cf186f89cf&language=en_US" target="blank" rel="nofollow" style="flat" background="#f66b1b" size="7" center="yes"]Check Price[/su_button]…

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