Other games like Jenga
Other games like Jenga
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Board game Jenga which is also known as “Tower”, is quite simple. Players have to create a construction of wooden bars and then pull out the bars one by one from the bottom of the “building” and put them on the top floor. The construction will become very unstable with each turn until it collapses from an inadvertent movement or a breeze blow. The game was invented by Englishwoman of Tanzanian origin Leslie Scott in the early 1970s. Its progenitor was a game of cubes, in which Leslie played as a child. The word “Jenga” comes from the verb “build” in Swahili. Nowadays the game is produced by one of the “daughters” of the “Hasbro” company.

Girl looks throw Jenga Tower

The rules of the game are clear to both the preschooler and the grandmother. It is necessary to build a building of bars with the inscription “Jenga”, laying three bricks in a row, and three bars perpendicularly on them. In total, you will have a tower with 18 floors.

After that, you need to pull out one block from the tower and arrange it at its top so that your “skyscraper” stands. You can touch the tower, try on, touch the bars that are going to be pulled out, but only with the one hand. The main thing is not to break it. You broke the tower – you lost. After each move player should wait 10 seconds and if the tower remains stable, the game moves on.

Girls play colored Jenga for kids

Sometimes people play Jenga, using the grate of not 3 to 3 but 4 to 4 bars. In this case, the initial building can turn out into a marvelously intricate construction, the fall of which will be really epochal.
To date, there are alternative Jenga games and different variations of its traditional version. For example, you can buy a set with numbers on cubes and take out not just random blocks, but the one whose number fell on the dice.

Game process

In Jenga, players have to show miracles of dexterity, demonstrate the accuracy of movements and fine motor skills. The knowledge of physics and the ability to see an object in volume, as well as calculate the balance will also be useful.

The rules of this game describe only the general principle of action but experienced players know that there are subtleties:

  • Do not hurry. The main thing in the game is accuracy, so try as much as you want and take your time;
  • Try how strong the bricks are. Some of the wooden bars can be pulled out easily while others- no. If the block does not want to go – do not pull it, otherwise, it will almost certainly be crushed;
  • Try to build a tower not higher, but more stable. So the game will last longer. Or, on the contrary, make a shaky top, hoping that the opponent will not be able to repeat your focus;
  • If you push out the central blocks, rather than the side blocks, the chance of collapse is significantly reduced.

Jenga in Sims 4

The game is unpredictable because a mistake in a millimeter can cost you a victory. The original Jenga even keeps in secret the exact dimensions of the wooden bars. Allegedly, each brick is slightly different from the other, so that there is no exact balance and it would not be possible to select an unambiguously winning strategy. However, the banal error in production produces the same effect.

The most interesting moment starts when the tower is already distorted and every movement can crush it. Will this happen from the pulled out bar which, as it turned out, kept everything on itself? Or maybe the construction will fail when the player has already pulled out a brick, put it on the roof and exhaled with relief? No one knows and this is the main interest of the game.

How to diversify the gameplay?

When you have learned the basic rules you will get bored. Prior to purchasing games similar to Jenga, you can bring in fresh ideas. It will be more fun and more difficult if you can:

  • Write numbers on the ends of the wooden bars, throw dice and pull the strictly defined bar;
  • Write on paperwork tasks and take them before each turn. For example, do everything with your left hand or sing a song during the process;
  • Tasks or questions can be written on the surface of bars;
  • Do not overbuild the tower but dismantle it from below until there will be so many holes that it collapses.

Jenga variations

This game is so popular and it will not be a surprise for anyone that there are a lot of games like Jenga and its variations. Let’s take a look at the most popular of them:

  1. Colored Jenga. Colored version of the traditional game quite complicates a simple game process. In the kit, there is a cube, the faces of which are painted in six different colors. Each of the bars is also painted in one of these colors. What color fell on the dice while throwing, the detail of the same color has to be pulled out.
  2. Colored Jenga

  3. Jenga with numerals. This variation is similar to the previous one but instead of the different colors, each bar has its own digit. Players throw the dice and have to pull out the block with the same number.
  4. Jenga Boom. This version is the most extreme among all other Jenga alternatives. It is equipped with a timer-bomb. When the timer is started each player has to pull out a brick under the unnerving ticking. With each turn, the length of the wick will become shorter and shorter and the count will go on for seconds. If you want to make your favorite game riskier and try to cope with the panic – this alternative is for you. Hurricane of the unrepeatable emotions is guaranteed.
  5. Jenga Boom Game

  6. Jenga Earthquake. This variation is unique because the tower has to be built on a special moving base-stand. In this version, the bars are made of plastic instead of the wood. We can surely say that if you consider yourself a professional of Jenga, you will have to try very hard to keep the balance while playing this game.
  7. Jenga Earthquake

  8. Jenga Tetris. This game consists not of rectangular bricks but of Tetris parts. Pull them and put on the roof without ruining the tower will be a daunting task.
  9. Jenga Tetris Game

  10. Jenga Chairs. This version is maximally unusual. Instead of the wooden pieces, you will have to make a “skyscraper” made of multi-colored plastic chairs that you need to cling to each other.
  11. Giant Jenga. This large two-meter version of the traditional game can be rented for a party or corporate event.
  12. Smartphone apps. In addition to this, there are different mobile applications, so you can download your favorite entertainment to your phone.

To date, you can find different analogs and variations each of that will please you with the same unique emotions as the traditional Jenga created in the distant 70’s.

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Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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