Human size Jenga
Human size Jenga
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Jenga popularity

Nowadays you will hardly find a person who has never heard about Jenga board game. And it absolutely doesn’t matter what is the age of a player, his sex or nationality, people all over the globe have been playing this game for already more than thirty years and it still remains their favorite pastime.

Human size Jenga Tower

All ingenious is simple – this refers to the Jenga also. Being quite simple board game with just a set of wooden blocks, this game has conquered the hearts of millions of people both children and adults. The secret is in logical thinking and the game atmosphere. You need to analyze each of your moves in order not to crash the building. Worries, the agony of choice, increased heartbeat and the trembling hands, it’s all about the Jenga. And finally the bar is pulled out and … the tower didn’t fall! These feelings can’t be described in words and moreover, once tried you want to feel them again and again.

Giant Jenga

Giant or human size Jenga game as we used to call it nowadays occupies one of the TOP positions among the ten most famous games in the world. The game has got numerous fans thanks to the world popular American TV series “The Big Bang Theory.” And today YouTube is full of videos with its various creative versions starting with “Nano Jenga”- the quite miniature version, such as “Cheese Tower”, assembled from rectangular bars of cheese in a mousetrap and finishing with really grandiose ones, in which one bar weighs 8 tons, and the game is played with the help of construction technology! Would you risk to pull out such brick?

Playing human size Jenga with friends

For which events to choose Jenga?

First of all, note that whatever version you chose, you can be absolutely sure that it will always be a hurricane of unforgettable emotions! Adult size Jenga, as well as its traditional version, is a relatively inexpensive holiday activation, which will appeal to people of different professions. It can equally be the competitive stage of large-scale games and an entertainment activation of the New Year’s corporate at your company. At any event, Jenga is always a creativity and an unchangeable source of impressions. Moreover, this game is one of the activations that will never be left without attention!

Play human size Jenga with family

The game dynamics consists in the following: two or four competitors (you can also choose the team representatives) take turns deftly pulling out the elements of the structure down and move them to the upper part of the “Tower”. The bars should be placed in the way that to complicate the next move of your competitors and also to ensure an elegant further move for your team. The player who moved the bar and brought down the entire structure loses. In case of playing the giant Jenga, each move is much riskier because of the size of the tower. The higher it is, the more accurately you have to pull out the bar to keep the balance of the whole tower.

Some people know the secret tricks which help them to create high buildings and maximally keep their stability. We have collected for you some of them but let it be your secret!

Human size Jenga tower

Some secret tricks

Trick #1: First of all, look for free bars. Not necessarily they are located on the edges of the floor. In many cases, bars located in the middle of the floor can be pulled out much easier than those which are on the edges.
Trick #2: The bars located on the sides are more convenient to pick out, while those that are located in the center can be pushed with one hand and then stretched out with the same hand on the other side.
Trick #3: When the tower bends, pay attention to the opposite side: some bricks become freer to pull them out easily. This way you will be able to kill two birds with one stone – to pull out the bar easily and to save the balance of the tower.
Trick #4: You can create traps for opponents aggravating the slope of the tower but only if you are sure that you do not bring down the structure with your own hands. And also don’t forget that they can do the same for you after their successful move.

Play giant human size Jenga with friends

Jenga is the game without limits. It fits all ages, preferences and tastes, people of different nations and with different lifestyles. The one thing that unites all of them is the spirit of rivalry and the pure happiness after each successful move.

Destroy human size Jenga

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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  1. Giant human size Jenga looks like so much fun! I think it’s a great way to modernize the classic game and make it appeal to adults again.

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Human size Jenga
4.7 (94%) 20 vote[s]
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