5 Best Board Games for 12 Year Olds
5 Best Board Games for 12 Year Olds
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Sequence Game
For 2-12 players
Game of strategy
Ages 7 and up
For 3-4 Players
60 minute playing time
Age 5+
One Night Werewolf
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
For 3-10 players
10 minute playing time
Ages 8 and up
Monopoly Classic
Monopoly Classic Game
For 2-6 Players
For children and adults
Age 8+
Battleship Board Game
For 2 Players
Portable Game
Age 7+

The best thing about board games is that everyone in a family or any group of friends can find a suitable title that would be great for everyone, both for newcomers and old-school board gamers.

According to my experience, board games for children/teens are usually divided into categories based on:

  • age of players;
  • number of participants;
  • the required skills;

So look for the games with the mark “8+” or for older players. Make sure to ask your friends or kids of that age about their interests – crime, mystery, strategy, sci-fi – before buying any game. If you have no idea what to buy – check my list of awesome titles.

What board game titles are good for 12-year-old players?

I recommend to buy the following board games for the group with 12-year-old teens:

  • Sequence – is good for a couple or huge team up to 12 players. An absolute classic title that is still awesome to play if you are over 7 years old;
  • Catan – another popular pick in my list that offers 60-minute gaming sessions, for 3-4 players;
  • One Night Werewolf – a very thrilling title with short but intense sessions. The recommended age of players is 8 years and older;

I also insist that old-school titles are also fun to play, that is why I included them to my list – Monopoly Classic and Battleship.
What board titles would you pick for a 12-year-old who never played any games before? I’m really interested in your opinion and choices to add new reviews for the games me and my friends have not tried yet. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the updates!

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  1. As children get older, I think the best thing to do for them is to upgrade their games. If you are confused on which games to buy, then I suggest the top board games for 12 year olds above. My 11 year old has since found his old games too boring. I guess its because of his age.

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