5 Best Board Games for 4 Players
5 Best Board Games for 4 Players
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Most recommended
WE GamesWE Games 4-Player Shut The Box
  • For 2-4 players
  • For families and friends
  • Convenient Size
A good choice too
Jokers and MarblesJokers and Marbles Game
  • For 2-8 players
  • Brown
  • Melamine laminate
A good choice too
  • For 1-4 players
  • Includes four scenarios
  • Ages 14+
  • For 2-4 players
  • Made of wood
  • Ages 8+
Jenga GIANT GenuineJenga GIANT Genuine
  • 1 or more players
  • 54 Blocks
  • Ages 8+

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Board Games for 4 Players

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58.33% of users selected WE Games, 16.67% selected Jokers and Marbles, 16.67% selected Fallout, 0% selected RUSTIK and 8.33% selected Jenga GIANT Genuine. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Board games are a type of game that can be played by one or more players. Players take on the role of an individual and get to play against other players in order to explore various outcomes. Board games come with different types of gameplay: strategy, trivia, party-like atmosphere, etc.They differ from video games because they have no graphics but use physical pieces instead such as cards and boards. These pieces represent elements within a fictional world; also referred to as components. The goal is to win the game through gaining control over these components that usually require taking turns with other players till someone wins.

Board games can be great for social gatherings, parties, and other times where friends or family gather to have some fun together. It’s also an interesting activity when you need something different from your usual routine as it utilizes various skills that can be learned through the game such as memory, problem-solving, etc. Board games help develop creativity too because they often involve making up your own rules which lets you create new ways of playing in order to make things more challenging.

When it comes to board games, there are many that can be played with 4 players. These games range from simple card games to more complex strategy-based board games. Board games experts will look at the best of them and give you some tips on how to choose which one is right for your group of friends or family members!

Shut The Box Dice Game for 4 Players – the Editor’s choice!

Shut the Box is more than just a math game. The ultimate party game will have your family and friends begging for more! Easy to set up, this challenging dice game comes with 10 rods made out of high quality wood topped with number tiles that flip over as you roll them.

Play starts with each player rolling one rod at a time. Roll the number shown on the first rod down and if it matches that in any other open slot, collect both rods.

If there are chips in front of them, players can swap up to 3 numbers from their board for those on their chip – but watch out – after two rounds (or four rolls) all remaining chips will be swapped onto certain spaces which might cost you big points.

Plus, Shut The Box can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes to finish, so it’s great for when you’re in a rush and just need a quick diversion – or long overdue birthday present – for someone who has everything.


  • Made for 2-4 players;
  • Luxurious black playing surface;
  • Simple rules;
  • Good to learn basic addition;
  • Easy to follow;


  • Can be boring for adults;
  • Some numbers are wrong on the game;
  • The number sequence can be wrong;

Shuffle up Shut The Box, the classic dice game for your next family gathering. You’ll have enough fun teaching basic addition to keep everyone from whining about “boring” games.

Jokers and Marbles Game – the best for portability!

The Jokers and Marbles Game is one of the coolest games you’ll ever play. It’s always a good time when we break the game out to teach our grandparents how to play, but it also can be enjoyed by the youngest child in the house.

The rotation of age-appropriate content lets everyone enjoy themselves with this challenging yet satisfying tabletop game that yields hours of entertainment for these lifelong puzzlers and color enthusiasts.

There are no hard rules in place that would constrain your fun while playing. It scales beautifully from 2 players to 8 players without any major setbacks, making it accessible for families and big groups alike.

Got a few minutes on your lunch break? Feeling restless during dinner? Just play a round of Jokers and Marbles, where the goal is to take turns rolling marbles with matching colors into your opponents’ goals. With 100s of variations, move strategically to keep yourself in the game and outmaneuver everyone else. Includes two interlocking wooden boards for storage after you’re done playing (and an awesome game).


  • Good for 2-8 players;
  • Colorful glass marbles;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Portable;


  • Overpriced;
  • Not suitable for little children;
  • Some marbles can be delivered broken;

What do you get when you combine family game night and a relaxing day at the beach? You get this highly addictive, portable board game! Jokers and Marbles is great for all ages with it’s easy to follow instructions.

Fallout The Board Game – the best for video game fans!

A post-nuclear future awaits you with boundless possibilities to explore–but don’t get mistaken: this is no game. This is actual survival in fallout! Fallout The Board Game is all about playing through quests and gaining experience points. Naturally, the manufacturer tried their best to make sure that every Fallout fan can enjoy this board game.

There are four potential scenarios you can play out based on story lines of Bethesda’s Fallout 3 or 4 video games–and a modular board arrangement for endless replay ability!

In this thrilling post-apocalyptic game, players explore the wasteland, fight enemies, and complete quests to level up their survivors. Players draw cards from three different decks (combat deck, event deck, exploration deck) which present challenges they can choose to face or avoid.


  • Great for Fallout video game fans;
  • Safe for children;
  • Nice story with 4 scenarios;
  • Modular board arrangements;


  • Sometimes doesn’t include cards;
  • Confusing rules;
  • Only the video game fans can understand the lore;

Fallout The Board Game is the most open-ended adventure in the Fallout universe. Explore new and familiar territory around Wasteland, expand your quest to neighboring regions as you face different combat encounters every single time!

Rustik BJR000117 Tock Game – the best for quality!

Rustik is made of wood and handmade in Canada. The manufacturer pays close attention to quality and environmental care, paying particular attention to classic board games.

Perfect for the whole family, this game will have everyone engaged! Be the first player to make a complete round of the game board and get 4 marbles in the “home” area. It requires a deck of cards (not included).


  • Made of wood;
  • Durable;
  • Handmade in Canada;
  • Family-friendly;
  • Good for 8 – 15 years;


  • Not safe for little kids;
  • Heavy;
  • The marbles are not included;

Rustik BJR000117 Tock Game: Hours of fun for the whole family! Whether you’re playing with friends or with your little ones, Rustik has games that will engage everyone and last a lifetime.

Jenga Giant JS7 Precision-Crafted, Premium Hardwood Game – the best for parties!

With a height that reaches up to 5 feet, the Giant Jenga game is built for those of you who want to stack your way to victory. Play will have a new exciting twist with this giant novelty product that brings hours and hours of friendly competition.

With each tower reaching over 5 feet high, it’s time to challenge similar players for who can build the highest structure before it all comes tumbling down!

The anticipation builds with every block placed and is replaced by excitement when someone finally falls on their devices as they race against their friends. When someone loses at this Giant Game, crashes are guaranteed so everyone wins!


  • Can stack over 5 feet;
  • Hardwood pieces;
  • Great for party games;
  • Good for any age;
  • Easy to transport;


  • Heavy;
  • Expensive;
  • Not made for outdoors;

The Buyer’s Guide

How to choose your next board game?

  1. What type of gamer are you?

Think about the interests of all 4 players who will play the board game you’ll choose:

  • Do they like something quick and easy like Monopoly, or do they prefer an experience that will be more complex but take longer to finish constructing like Settlers of Catan;
  • Are players prone to rage-quitting because they don’t enjoy losing as much as others playing the game? Consider titles such as Pandemic where everyone is trying their best not to lose. If somebody isn’t having fun it’s easier for them to just drop out than continue on if it’s a long playtime;
  • Do players take too long deciding what they want to do next when playing the game, thus slowing down gameplay? There are titles that require less thinking before acting such as Ticket To Ride where all you need is luck. If somebody can’t come up with anything quickly then it slows down the flow of playtime;
  1. What themes do you like?

Your next board game should have a theme that meets the preferences of all players. There are many themes to choose from but the best games for four players will be ones you enjoy because they’ll keep you entertained and engaged during gameplay. 

Some of the most popular themes include:

  • War games. If you want to pretend to be generals leading troops into battle, war games are a great option. The goal of these games is usually territory control or capture of enemy soldiers. The examples would be Risk, Axis & Allies;
  • Cooperative games. Cooperative board games are perfect for people who like teamwork and cooperative play mechanics such as Elder Sign, Pandemic, Forbidden Island;
  • Strategy games. They are perfect for players who like to outwit and plan against the other players. Examples might be Anomia, Splendor, Lost Cities, Ticket To Ride;
  • Puzzle board games. They are usually single-player but can also include cooperative play mechanics such as Ravensburger’s Mystery Riddles Series or 20 Questions;
  • Word games. They usually have a group of players trying to find the most words in an allotted time. Examples would be Scrabble, Boggle, or Taboo;

Many people enjoy cooperative board games because they provide a sense of teamwork and adventure for those who want to work together with other players on common goals that makes them more enjoyable than competitive games like Risk that only require you to keep track of your own territory without any help from others. 

When it comes down to choosing between strategy or puzzle board games, there are many factors such as complexity level, length of gameplay, and whether the mechanics allow player choice, which can make one type preferable over another if the personal preference is taken into account when making a decision.

  1. Considering complexity and play time

The first thing you should know when choosing your next board game is that there are different types of games. 

There are: 

  • strategic, mostly 2-player games; 
  • non-strategic, for example, Monopoly or Scrabble – which can be played with any number of players and take anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours; 
  • social deduction games like Werewolf or Mafia – again these work best with larger groups because they require a lot of teamwork and discussion (averages 60 minutes); 
  • card games usually contain about 50 cards but some decks have as few as 12 while others may contain 80+ cards so the amount varies depending on what kind you’re playing. This might end up taking around 30-90 minutes to play based on how many people want to play it and whether or not you have to collect cards from other players;
  1. Are there certain mechanics you prefer?

Don’t pick games with lots of rules that can be confusing to follow. A game should have a clear objective and an easy way to track progress toward the goal, especially if it’s going to take more than one sitting to complete.

Choose games with mechanics you enjoy playing in real life like dice or card play. If you’re looking for something that is only about strategy without luck, try chess or checkers – these usually require 2 players at least but are nice when played solo.

Try out some classic board games like Monopoly that have plenty of depth and player interaction as well as being very popular among kids these days so they’ll probably know how to play! Or go for abstracts like Go where your goal is to surround more territory than your opponent.

Know what you’re looking for! If it’s just a quick game, try some of the shorter card games like Rummy or Gin Rummy which usually take 15 minutes max and don’t need too many materials – this way everyone can play with one deck of cards instead. 

For longer games that involve lots of people who will also be able to play again in the future, get something bigger like Monopoly Jr., Settlers of Catan Junior Edition, or Ticket To Ride Jr., all versions designed specifically for kids. And if you want something fun but not too long, go with UNO or Scrabble Slam where each player gets dealt out with their own hand so there are less waiting times.

Don’t forget that one can never have too many dice! Find a game with lots of probabilities and math like Yahtzee, Quiddler, or Scattergories to satisfy your need for randomized outcomes – though it’s best if you’re playing against another person so you don’t get stuck doing all the work yourself! And for something more story-driven but still competitive try Roll Player where everything is determined by how well you roll six sided dice in order to create your character each turn.

  1. Accessibility

A great board game should be accessible to everyone. A player with a disability such as vision or hearing impairment can still play, and have fun on the same level as other players. Furthermore, some games are more physically demanding than others are. If someone is disabled in one way but not another they may find it hard to participate. 

The best board games actively accommodate these disabilities by being easy to read and understand, having good sound quality so that those who are deaf or hard of hearing don’t get left out, and avoiding any physical strain which would exclude a person with mobility issues from playing. Other considerations include how many people want to share a single copy (most families only need one), how much space you have to play, and how much money you want to spend.

The best board games for four players are called “partners”. They involve two teams and can be played with a wide variety of game pieces like dice, chips etc., but require the use of more than one side in order to play (i.e. an extra square). Examples include Tiddlywinks, Scrabble Party Edition, and Guess Who?

In terms of accessibility, this style usually requires some dexterity depending on which type you choose – such as when using cards that need shuffling by hand during gameplay; however it does not have any specific demands related to motor skills because most types focus only on memory aspects rather than quick thinking-based movements.

Some of the best board games for four players are Codenames, Splendor, Ticket To Ride Europe Expansion Pack. These three games have been vetted by previous owners who had a range of preferences from young children playing with their older siblings or parents, down to adults in mixed-age groups looking for some midweek entertainment at home after work. 

All reviews were positive about these as good options that everyone could enjoy on an equal level. This is due partly to the accessibility features mentioned earlier but also because they’re just genuinely fun! There’s no reason not to buy any of these for a group of four.

Which game is best for 4 players?

Some games are better for four players than others are. The key is finding a game that fits the skill level and interests of all your friends. Here, we have compiled a list of some great suggestions to help you find the perfect board game for any group size, from 2 players up to 6!

The most important thing when narrowing down which one would be best suited for this situation is asking yourself what kind of people will be playing with you? If they’re experienced gamers or if it’s their first time? Do they like cooperative games or competitive ones more? These questions may seem trivial at first but can greatly affect everyone involved in the gaming experience so consider them before choosing just any old board game blindly.

If you’re looking for a cooperative game, Catan is one of the most popular and immersive games. It’s an exploration and trading game where players work together to build out their settlements in order to gain resources. 

The more settlers they have, the more resources that can be acquired from nearby land tiles that makes it a fun challenge when all four people are trying to keep up with each other as it becomes increasingly harder on later turns! Other great cooperative board games include Pandemic or Forbidden Island. These also require strategy skills but offer plenty of close teamwork moments too.

For those who prefer competitive play, there are still many options available at your disposal depending on what type of gameplay you like best: do you want dice rolling, strategy building or even more of a storytelling experience? 

One popular choice would be Battlestar Galactica that requires some luck while also giving players the opportunity to destroy their opponents with sneaky tactics. If you’re looking for something that’s less focused on pure competition and is instead similar to Catan but in space then Star Realms might be your best bet.

The last thing to keep in mind when choosing a board game is the complexity. There are games that require hours of set-up and reading instructions before you can even start playing, which may not be for everyone. Lucky for you there are plenty of great options available out there as well! 

One such example would be Pandemic or Forbidden Island, both mentioned earlier but worth mentioning again because they’re so incredibly popular among gamers everywhere. These two games offer enough strategy without taking away from an immersive gameplay experience.

Overall, the best board game for four players is heavily dependent on your preferences and what kinds of games you’re looking to play. Regardless of which one you pick it’s sure to be a fun time!

What is the most fun board game?

According to the experts’ answers, some people said that they would have to go with a game like Jenga when it comes to fun. There are many different variations for this game and it can be played by all ages! This one will get your adrenaline going while you play because once someone pulls out a block from the tower, there may not only be blocks crashing down but also players losing their balance as well!

For other people though, chess was a lot more interesting to them than Jenga. For some reason, this classic strategy game seems really popular among those surveyed – even if it takes hours sometimes before anyone wins – and they find themselves spending more quality time playing games or practicing than anything else. One person said they would go with chess because it’s a game that is easy to learn but hard to master, which makes for an interesting challenge.

For some people their favorite board game was Monopoly! There are so many versions of this one out there – it can be played by people as young as six years old and still has the same excitement in adults too. It’s been around forever and will never get boring no matter how long you play it or what version you have either! You can also make your own rules when playing, which is something any creative type would love to do at least once.

Some other games mentioned were Checkers, Scrabble (which should probably come as no surprise), Stratego, Trouble Free Fall Game.

What is the most fun board game for a family?

The most fun board game for a family is one that gets parents and kids involved. Cards Against Humanity is a card game in which players construct sentences using fill-in-the-blank phrases to create humorous, often icky combinations or find the funniest combination of cards they can from their hand.  Invented by a group of friends as a party game, Cards Against Humanity is recommended for adults and kids ages 17+.

The best family board games are ones that the whole family can enjoy together. One great idea to try with your family is the Charades Board Game that requires no reading or writing skills. In this game, there will be one player who acts out clues while everyone else tries to guess what they’re acting out based on their gestures using specific phrases. 

If you’re looking for a classic board game that will get the whole family involved, check out Monopoly. This popular board game is easy to learn. The object of this game is to buy properties on the board with your allotted $1500 and then charge other players rent when they land there. Your goal in this long-standing favorite is to not only make money but also bankrupt all of your opponents!

The best tabletop games are ones where each player gets their own turn at being active in order to avoid waiting too long for another chance or just sitting around watching others play (not cool).  One popular game for four players is Taboo. In this word-association game where one player picks a card with a word on it that the rest of the group needs to guess, you’re not allowed to say any words that are related in meaning or sound to the chosen word. 

Social interaction between adults and children can help create lasting memories because they’ll have shared experiences that create the type of natural bonds experts hope for in the family. Whether you’re looking for a game to play with your kids or spouse, there’s bound to be something on this list that will fit!


What is the #1 board game in the world?

The best-selling board game in the world is Monopoly from Parker Brothers. Created by Charles Darrow, it was first published in 1935 and has been selling ever since with over 200 million copies sold. The classic family tabletop game involves buying properties, building houses and hotels, rolling dice to move around the board, collecting rent money from other players who land on your property (and having to pay them should you land there), going bankrupt if you cannot repay debt or go for broke when getting out of jail.

It’s a good starter game as well because people can easily learn how to play without reading any instructions at all thanks to its easy gameplay mechanics that are simple enough even for children aged six and up. However, one downside to this classic board game is that it can take a while to finish.

Is Shut the Box a good game?

Shut the Box is a fun game that doesn’t require much strategy and can be played by people of all ages. The objective for each player is to close as many numbers on their card before any other player closes theirs. This simple board game will keep you entertained, especially with family members who are new to playing games together.

Can you put down 3 numbers in Shut the Box?

Yes, you can put down numbers in Shut the Box. However, some people might find it less challenging than other games that have numbered spaces on a board. This is because in order to win, all of your numbers need to be covered by someone else’s number or they must throw “OO”.

Can you play Shut the Box without the box?

Players can play Shut the Box without a box. There are different rules for playing with and without a box, but their materials should not limit players when they have an interest in this game.

What age is the Shut the Box game for?

The age rating for Shut the Box is 12+. The game has simple rules, but does require some reading skills to read numbers and calculate points. It can be played by persons of all ages so long as they have a good understanding of English or know how to count in base ten with addition.

How do you play Jokers and Marbles?

When playing Jokers and Marbles, each player will receive five cards from which they’ll have to form three hands – two in front of them containing at least one card face down on their own behind them. And a stock position in between those other positions where they can keep any number of cards (excepting kings) hidden until such time as they need them. 

Players take turns drawing single cards or groups of identical rank or suit from either their opponent’s visible piles or the top of the stockpile. When a player discards, they have to show all of their cards in front of them and then draw up to three new ones from either the top or bottom of the deck. The winner is whoever’s got only one card left at the end-but it’s always wise to keep an eye on your opponents’ hands so you know who might need just a little push to make that happen!

Can you play Jokers and Marbles with 2 players?

Jokers and Marbles is a card game for two to four players. The goal of the game is to be sensible enough with your hand that you’re able to discard all but one when it’s time for someone else to pick up the pile. 

Can you play the Fallout board game by yourself?

The game can be played by a single player, but it is best to play with at least two people. The real enjoyment of the Fallout board game comes from challenging other players and working together to overcome obstacles. 

The Wasteland is endless in this post-apocalyptic world where you might find yourself fighting off ghouls or exploring sprawling cities, scavenging for food, water, and weapons – all while trying not to let your guard down lest death come swiftly from an unseen enemy.

If you manage to survive long enough (and that will take some doing), then eventually you will have access to better armor and weaponry too as well as experience points which mean more skill cards up your sleeve for dealing out additional damage during combat encounters! There is also the addition of settlement building that offers a strategic angle for those who wish to focus on resource management.

What size are giant Jenga blocks?

The blocks are 7.15 inches x 2.38 inches x 1.43 inches, so they’re a bit bigger than the regular Jenga cubes.

What is the giant version of Jenga called?

The giant version of Jenga is called Giant Tower. It has the same rules as regular Jenga, but it stands at a whopping six feet in height with an extra-wide base to support all that weight. This game can be played by up to four players and makes for a great dinner party activity or backyard fun. It’s also perfect if you have limited floor space because it doesn’t need much room to play on top of its wide base.

Is Giant Jenga dangerous?

The Giant Jenga game is one of the most popular versions. It’s made with 54 individually cut blocks, which are then stacked on top of each other to form a tower. The person who knocks over the stack loses and it’s recommended for players age 13+. Although some people think that playing this can be dangerous because you have to climb up high in order to remove a block from the bottom of the tower, there’s no risk if played responsibly.

Giant Jenga is a fun game mainly because the stakes are so high. The blocks stack up like regular Jenga, but when someone knocks over their tower of blocks, it can be very catastrophic for them and those who have already fallen behind. If you play without too many people in your circle or group – usually four to 6 players – then this might not be an issue. But as soon as more than about seven people start playing, there’s no telling how close everyone will get to knocking everything down at once!

One way around that problem is simply to make sure that only one person goes last each round (either by picking straws or asking other participants). That way they’ll never cause any catastrophe if things go badly, and they’ll still be able to take their turn.

But if you want a more creative way of avoiding the danger of playing with too many people in your circle or group at once, then try creating two circles – one inside the other. The smaller set-up will ensure that even if someone knocks down towers in both layers at once it won’t make everyone lose! 

That means there’s even less fear and anxiety when trying to play Giant Jenga for all kinds of reasons. You can also use this method as an activity during parties where kids are invited so things don’t get out of hand before parents realize what’s going on (and you’re not left wondering how to entertain them).

When it’s time to host a party, there’s nothing like the Jenga Giant! You wouldn’t want to play this large-scale game with anything other than heavy duty premium hardwood pieces. People instantly know that you can count on Giant Jenga for hours of excitement!

They say, two is a company, three is a crowd, four is a party. Usually, 4 players are also the best number of friends to play a board game because more gamers create a bit of a chaotic atmosphere where it’s hard to concentrate while fewer participants can be too serious or boring to have fun. So, for me, this particular number is the best one for a gaming night’s session.

About my approach to choosing the best board games for 4 players

What games are good for such events? It depends on the interests and age of all participants. Get my idea, sitting at the table with a two-year-old fidget is quite difficult. Many board games are marked with “3+” which means the recommended age of players. I know a few exceptions that are good for every age – Monopoly, classic Jenga. But if you seek something newer and more exciting, then make sure to involve the interests of all people who will play.

My friends and I chose such titles for 4 players as the best ones for almost everyone:

  1. WE Games is good for a couple or 4 players. The size is very convenient;
  2. Jokers and Marbles is good for a big group up to 8 players;
  3. Fallout has 4 scenarios so 4 players can get involved (aged over 14 years);
  4. RUSTIK is made of natural wood and it is good for younger players (aged over 8 years);
  5. Jenga GIANT Genuine is my personal pick – it offers 54 blocks to build a huge tower in the backyard;

Video Tutorial: How to play Marbles and Jokers Game

Check the detailed review of all the above-mentioned board titles and share your opinion!

Final thoughts 

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time with friends or family, this guide aims at the perfect board game. There are plenty of games that work best when played by 4 people – whether it’s an easy card game or more complex strategy-based board game. Hopefully, the guide helped you choose which one is right for your group and give some tips on how to get started. 

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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5 Best Board Games for 10 Players

Best Board Games for 10 Players

  [su_note note_color="#ffffff" radius="0" class="review-first"] Most recommended [su_row][su_column size="1/3" center="yes" class="image-column"]Sequence Game[/su_column] [su_column size="1/3" center="yes" class="list-column"] For 2-12 players Game of strategy Ages 7 and up [/su_column] [su_column size="1/3" center="yes" class="button-column"] [su_button url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00000IVAK/ref=as_li_ss_tl?&imprToken=szKh0TArj0CMnVpg-Fm4cw&slotNum=0&linkCode=ll1&tag=jenga05-20&linkId=76c41780cfd8da860f1651eee2a19f92&language=en_US" target="blank" background="#FF7800" color="#ffffff" size="7" center="yes" radius="5" icon="icon: arrow-right" rel="nofollow"]Check price[/su_button] Read Review [/su_column][/su_row] [/su_note] [su_note note_color="#ffffff" radius="0" class="review-other"] A good choice too…

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  1. By far Jenga is the best game to play with multiple players… there is always a ton of suspense around the game as everyone waits to see who will knock over the tower. It’s literally one of the best games ever invented and if you don’t already own a set go get one.

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