10 Best Giant Jenga in 2019. Which Jenga Game to Choose?
10 Best Giant Jenga in 2019. Which Jenga Game to Choose?
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Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers
Starts at 2.5 feet
Grows to 5 feet
GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower
Starts at 2.5 feet
Grows to 5 feet
Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game
Starts at 2 feet
Grows to 5 feet
Jenga GIANT Genuine Hardwood Game
Starts at 22 inches
Grows to 4 feet
Seville Classics WEB482 Block Tower
Starts at 1.5 feet
Grows to 4 feet
Splinter Woodworking Co Giant Tower Game
Starts at 32 inches
Grows to 5 feet
Jenga Giant Family Hardwood Stacking Game
Starts at 18 inches
Grows to 3 feet
Jenga GIANT Premium Hardwood Game
Starts at 18 inches
Grows to 3 feet
Tailgating Pros Giant Tumbling Tower
Starts at 24 inches
Grows to 5 feet
Rally & Roar Giant Wood Toppling Tower Game
Starts at 2.5 feet
Grows to 5 feet
What can be better than good old Jenga? Of course, it’s a jumbo version! But as with everything in our life, we face a choice, and in the majority of cases, it is quite difficult. So, how to choose the best “giant” which will bring different emotions to you and your family? We are going to puzzle out this issue in our article. Our team collected eight best options of this world-famous game and is ready to present them to our readers, reviewing all their pros and cons. So, meet the eight best Giants we have found!

Option #1: Tumbling Timbers – a game for everyone

If you are searching for the high tower which you can create both indoors and outdoors – here it is.

The ideally smooth wooden bars of this giant allows you to create a real skyscraper of five feet in height. The start of this game is on the 2.5 feet level and then rise with your proficiency.

The more skillful players can reach the highest scopes when reaching the maximal height. This game is desirable for everyone whose age is eight years and up. It has simple rules so you shouldn’t worry that you may misunderstand something. Everyone, regardless of a generation and profession, will get lots of positive emotions and thrilling moments when pulling out the last brick.

Main prosMain cons
The game has two additional bars for the lowest level for maximally simple packaging and extra height;Is comparably heavy;
This option comes with a durable case for convenient transportation;Isn’t recommended for children whose age is less than eight years.
Can be used both indoors and outdoors so you don’t depend on the weather.

If you want to spend more time with your closest ones and get lots of fun – this is an excellent option to choose. Good quality of blocks, five feet of height, and simple transportation are among the main reasons to consider this game when selecting the best “giant” for your family or friends.

Option #2: GoSports Tower – a game for the bravest ones

For the more experienced players who feel that five feet are not enough; we have this variety of Jenga. Consisting of eighteen rows, it can reach the five feet marking and even higher! Impressive, yes?

The one more feature that this option can boast of is its blocks. According to the manufacturer, each of the bars of this game was made from the top-notch pine and is ideally polished. You shouldn’t worry about possible injuries while playing because of the bar’s splintering.

The second option in our list is recommended for everyone who wants to get the highest quality product and set the new records. In addition to this, it comes with a special board where you can write new rules and make the game process more complicated and fun.

Main prosMain cons
Topnotch quality of the blocks;You should beware of the poor-quality fakes of this option;
The opportunity to set and write down your rules on the special board;The light color of the case may become dirty comparably fast.
The convenient and durable case for the game transportation.

This game will become an ideal choice for those who are aimed at excellent quality and want to add some creativity to the gaming process.

Option #3: Jenga JS7 Hardwood Game – a game with tournament chart

In the wide number of variations of the authentic Jenga, it’s not a simple task to choose the high-quality and genuine one. But we did it. The third position in our list is occupied by the giant version of the original game.

The height of this option can reach the position of five feet and even higher – everything depends only on your skills and dexterity.

As well as the first game created in the far 1970s, this option also consists of fifty-four perfectly smooth wooden blocks.

Interesting Fact
The only one difference in its size which exceeds the classic version for more than fifteen times.
Main prosMain cons
Ideally polished wooden bars;Undesirable for children younger than twelve years old;
Bright and heavy-duty case for carrying;Is too large to play indoors.
Fits for the one player or for the company.

This is an excellent choice for playing outdoors with the company of friends or in a family circle. The top-notch quality of the bars and the height of more than five feet make this option worth your attention.

Option #4: Genuine Hardwood Edition – hardwood giant

Family BBQs, hangouts with friends, various corporate parties, and many more events can be full of fun and positive emotions in combination with a light spirit of rivalry and thrilling moments. How do this everything can be collected together? Of course, with Jenga. The jumbo version of the classic Jenga game which has conquered hearts of the millions of people all over the world can make each event remarkable and unforgettable.

The version which occupies the fourth place in our list is made of the hardwood. It consists of the fifty-four bricks as well as the classic version and can reach the height of four feet.

Main prosMain cons
You can purchase special booster pack for the additional height;The pack for additional height is sold separately;
Durable hardwood bricks;Not the tallest version available;
Absolutely similar to the classic version but eight times bigger.Age limit – eight years.

The option can become a good choice for beginners as you can purchase the booster pack and complicate the game. The high quality of the polished bars prevents possible scratches while playing.

Option #5: Seville Classics Tower – a game with the most durable carrying bag

We all know how cool the giant Jenga versions are. Even if all of them differ by their features, there is one thing that unites all of them. This is the main drawback of all wooden “giants” – their weight. Sometimes even with the availability of the special bag for carrying the game, it is not convenient to take it with you and you are limited with your backyard area. The game on the fifth place of our comparison chart can boast of the best carrying bag ever available.

Durable, double-zippered bag with the double stitched handles will help take your favorite game wherever you want without any efforts. You can also store your game in it when not in use in order to prevent wood spoiling with the process of time.

Fifty-four smooth wooden bricks with the maximally reduced friction will make the game full of the competitive spirit.

Interesting Fact
The height of this tower can reach more than four feet but you should do your best to get the highest score.
Main prosMain cons
Heavy duty canvas bag with two durable and convenient handles;Prohibited for children whose age is less than three years;
The smooth surface of each brick for the reduced friction;One-year warranty;
Fifty-four blocks as in the classic version.Not the highest version available nowadays.

If you want to try your ability and other secret skills you use to win, this option will become a perfect choice. It has a good quality of bricks and can be carried wherever you want without any significant efforts.

Option #6: Splinter Woodworking Co – a game without carrying bag

Most probably when you read the title of the sixth option, you think that we have made a mistake. But no, this game doesn’t have any bag for carrying. How is it possible? This version of the good old Jenga has a unique storage crate that can also serve as a table for gaming. This will save you from the permanent necessity to search for the flat surface when playing Jenga outdoors. Also, it will not tear with the process of time as the usual bags do.

There is one more feature that differs this option from all others – the weight of its blocks. We have already mentioned above that all the giant Jenga games are comparably heavy. This one is an exception. With the weight of only twenty-five lb. and height of five feet it is ahead of other options.

Together with the high quality of the bricks, the features mentioned above make this version definitely worth your attention.

Main prosMain cons
Lightweight;Differs from the classic version (has sixty wooden bars);
Comes with a wooden crate for storage;Is more expensive than similar options.
Ideally smooth pine blocks for the excellent slip;
A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

So, for whom is this option recommended? According to the manufacturer, everyone from the 0 months and up can play this game. With the lifetime warranty and durable crate for storage in combination with the lightweight, it will become an excellent purchase for all types of events.

Option #7: Jenga GIANT Family Hardwood Game – the smallest giant

Yes, among giants there are also the highest and the smallest ones. The option which occupies the seventh position in our list refers to the tiniest giants and is an excellent choice for kids. The height of this building is three feet, so even if you have never played such games, with this one, lots of fun and success is guaranteed. Each of the fifty-four wooden bricks of this game is well polished and precision crafted. Kids will not get an injury because of splintering the wood as it can be with the poor quality options.

The weight of this game is less than eleven pounds but you can be sure that it will cause a lot of noise when falling! Kids will definitely like the gaming process regardless of have they won or lost.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t think that this version of the classic game is designed only for children; adults will also enjoy the gaming process, especially in a family circle.

Main prosMain cons
Lightweight;May seem too simple for adults or experienced players;
Well – polished bricks;Isn’t recommended for children whose age is less than six years;
Good choice for kids.Should be stored and transported in a box, not in the bag.

This well-made and the comparably simple game will become a favorite among kids of six to nine years. It is a good choice for playing in a family circle.

Option #8: Family Hardwood game – a small game with a big crash

As well as the previously mentioned option, this game variation refers to the small giants. This game is intended for people who want to spend the valuable time with the family trying to build a real giant and set the new records. The recommended age for the option is from six to nine years so that it will be an excellent choice for kids. The maximal height of the tower can reach three feet while the sound of a big crash will make the kids excited about the gaming process regardless of the result.

This option is similar to the original version of the game but is six times larger. Each of the fifty-two bricks is ideally polished and slips well during the game.

The weight of this version is less than eleven pounds, so it will not cause any problems to carry the game to the yard or wherever you want to play.

Main prosMain cons
Designed especially for kids;Doesn’t come with a special bag for carrying;
Weighs less than eleven pounds;Is too easy for adults;
Well-polished blocks from the high-quality wood.Minimal recommended age is six years.

If you are searching a game to spend time with your kids and get lots of fun – here it is. Simple enough to interest the “small builder”, this option will bring many exciting moments and joy of setting the new records.

Option #9: Tailgating Pros Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers is the key to the good mood of the party guests

Tailgating Pros Giant Wooden Tumbling TimbersBackyard Jenga is allowed for children from 6 years. The whole family can take part in fun pastime and build the highest tower. This game will be appropriate at a party, wedding, birthday or picnic.

The kit consists of 60 blocks. This amount of game components is enough for a large team of players. You can move the blocks with one hand according to the rules of the game. The smooth surface of wood components makes this process easier and more accessible even for a child.

long service life;kit weight is 24 pounds;
this kit is designed for a large company;it is not advisable to allow contact with water.
smooth bar surface for better play.

Blocks for Lawn Jenga have the ability to crack when they fall on a hard surface. You can avoid this by installing a tower on the lawn. Regular glue will help bring the block into proper condition. This will return it to the game.

Option #10: Rally & Roar Toppling Tower – the loudest “boom” you’ve ever heard

To hurry or maybe it’s better to be more careful? Choose this block or maybe that one? You will never know the right answer to these questions until you try. That is the essence of Jenga. No special rules that always work, no secrets and super abilities. Try, learn from your mistakes, and start again. Each time when you do everything from the very beginning, your tower will be higher and higher. The last option in our list allows you to build the real Burj Khalifa at your backyard the height of which is more than five feet. The game also comes with a dice to complicate the rules and make the gaming process more thrilling for each player. You can create your own rules or find possible variations on the Internet, it’s absolutely up to your preferences.

As well as each option presented in our list, this game has high-quality blocks, each of that is smooth and pleasant to touch. The bricks of this game are made of the pine and have smooth edges. In addition to this, the option comes with a durable bag for easy carrying or storage the game.

You can take it to any event that you want to turn into a funny tournament or just to make your own party in the backyard with friends or family.

Main prosMain cons
All blocks are made of lightweight and durable pine;Is heavier than the smaller options;
The smooth surface of the bricks;Makes a lot of noise if play inside.
Comes with a dice for your own rules;
Durable bag to take the game wherever you want.

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase the game for you and your friends or for kids – this option is a good choice. It is interesting enough for adults and at the same time simple enough for kids. High-quality bricks made of pine will make a great “kaboom” when the construction falls. Good choice for all the Jenga lovers.

How to Play Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is set up by building a vertical tower with the Jenga blocks. The tower is built by stacking three side-by-side blocks in each row. Each new row formed is turned 90 degrees from the blocks in the row below it. The objective of the game is to be the last successful player to remove and stack a block before a player makes the tower fall.

The player that built the tower is first to play. A term consists of a player removing a block from the tower and placing the removed block on top of the tower. The player’s turn ends 10 seconds after the block has been placed to top the tower or once the next player touches a block.

Players continue to take turns, removing and stacking blocks until the tower falls. The last player to successfully remove and stack a block without the tower falling wins the game. The player that caused the tower to fall has to set up the tower for the next game.

A player can only touch blocks with one hand at a time. A block can only be removed from below the top most completed level. That wraps up how to play Jenga.


So, summing up all mentioned above, we are close to answering the main question – which giant Jenga to choose? First of all, try to choose the high-quality options with the well-polished bricks, otherwise, you risk getting injuries while playing. Also, you should decide how high you want your tower to be. To date, you can choose the smallest versions such as three-feet options or purchase the real giants of five feet and more. If you want to get the version which is maximally close to the classic one – choose the game with fifty-four bricks. At the same time, if you want to complicate the process and add your own rules, you can choose among version with dices.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what are the dimensions of your Jenga is and how complicated will be its rules – with the good company you can get the unforgettable positive emotions playing it. All the modern giant versions come with durable bags for carrying, so you can take it wherever you decide to go and enjoy the gaming with the closest ones.

The classic never gets old. This refers to the Jenga which was created in a far 1970 and remains extremely popular nowadays. Being created as for game for one family, it has conquered hearts of millions of people worldwide.

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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10 Best Giant Jenga in 2019. Which Jenga Game to Choose?
4.8 (96.17%) 47 vote[s]
Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers