Jenga Giant JS7 Review
Jenga Giant JS7 Review
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This entertainment kit is designed for a large company. This pastime will allow the guys to develop in the course of the game. Such an entertainment option will be appropriate for both home use and outdoor play.

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Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game Specifications

Giant Game Type Stacking Games
Material Wood
Portable Yes (Carrying Bag)
Age Group 11 to 12 Years; 13+ Years


Jenga Giant JS7 Rules

A large group of children will be able to arrange a real tournament. Special standings are in the package. An ordinary wooden tower can make a real sporting interest in children and intrigue them for a long time. They can record their achievements in the table to determine the winners.

The height of the tower starts from two feet. It can grow up to five feet during the game. The blocks are made of soft wood. They are pleasant to the touch and eliminate the likelihood of scratches on the skin.

Pros and Cons of Jenga JS7

Pros Cons
can reach a height of five feet; intended for children over 12 years old.
special tournament tables in the package;
availability of a strong bag for storing parts.

Video Review: Giant Jenga JS7 Game

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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  1. I’ve been thinking of getting Jenga Giant JS7 mainly for outdoor use on our patio. We do a lot of entertaining and having games available is a great icebreaker!

    1. So true, I’ve never thought about using Jenga as an icebreaker, but that’s genius! It’s a great way to get people together and have a great time. I have been a fan of Jenga since I was a young child and I love everything about the game. I can’t wait to get one of these giant sets for my house!

  2. I’m really happy with my purchase of Jenga JS7. It’s a fun and totally different experience than the original game. It has a whole new set of challenges.

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