Jenga Rules
Jenga Rules
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“The fall is inevitable” – these four words most accurately describe all the sense of the Jenga. Being one of the most well-known games in the world, it remains the favorite one of all generations. “But what makes it so popular, it just a set of wooden blocks?”, you are going to ask. We can surely claim – this game has some things to catch your interest and become an integral part of your pastime. Let’s consider the main Jenga peculiarities and rules as well as its benefits.

Guys play Jenga game

A bit from the history

The “Falling Tower” or as the majority of people used to call it “Jenga” is a game for thinking people with deft hands. The name of this game was appropriated to this amusement by the inventor herself. This exciting game comes from the 70’s and was created by Leslie Scott, who came up with new entertainment in her childhood. Who knew that this simple game will become the favorite among people of all ages, races, and sex? Unaccustomed to our ear, the name of the game is borrowed from African Swahili and means “build something”. According to the rules, Jenga can be played from the age of 6, but some mothers practice earlier attraction of babies for the development of small finger motility. Speaking about the maximal age for this game – it is unlimited. Remember the famous LEGO-brand toys, on the boxes of which was written “Ages 4-99”? The same is about Jenga, 99 years or more, you still can enjoy every moment of playing it.

What does it consist of?

Jenga is a set of bars made of wood. The total number of blocks is 54, although, there are less often sets of 48 or 60 pieces. All “bricks” have certain dimensions: width is three times smaller than the length and the width is twice bigger than the height. The goal of the game is to get the elements from the constructed tower one by one and put them on top. The difficulty lies in the fact that with each turn the tower loses stability and grows in height. So, the higher is the tower, the riskier will be its condition. This is the main thing that makes people being so excited about the playing this game – emotions rise from one turn to another and it seems that your heart will skip a bit when you are pulling out a block… Keeping the tower in balance, developing new gaming strategies, set new records and make it higher and higher – these are the main charms of the Jenga.

Jenga tower in bedroom

What you should know about the Jenga rules

Jenga game rules are simple and can be easily learned even if you’ve never played this game:

  • The first player builds the initial construction. It consists of 18 floors, three wooden bars in each. On one floor, the wooden bars are placed in parallel, on the next floor – already perpendicular to the lower row.
  • The right of the first move is given to the builder of the original construction.
  • The main task of the player is to pull out the one bar from any floor, except the top layer and the previous one. Then the same block should be located at the top of the “building”.
  • A very important moment is that rules prohibit you to use both hands for pulling out, pushing or correction the bar. It significantly simplifies the task, especially if the general construction is very unstable.
  • The player waits ten seconds and only after that can pull out a bar.
  • In case, if the tower crashes – the player loses and the game is considered as over.

Giant Jenga rules and yard Jenga rules are completely the same, so once you learn the basic rules, you will be able to play variations of this game also.

Man is playing Jenga

What are the benefits of Jenga?

  • Firstly, the game develops logical thinking. Your brain is constantly forced to compare an array of data: the mass and number of bars on the right and left sides, the possible combinations to save the tower’s stability, and so on. This is useful not only for children but for adults also.
  • Trying to provide stability to the tower, spatial imagination, speed reaction and fingers motoric are excellently trained.
  • This game captures you from the first minutes. Both beginner and experienced “builder” will be definitely enthralled for several hours. It’s a great way to spend an interesting time in a company of friends or a holiday in nature together with your closest people.
  • Despite all the worries at the riskiest moments, Jenga can calm your nervous system and help to relax after the exhausting working day.
  • The game is an excellent substitute for online games. Moreover, it unites people and allows you to spend time with your friends.

The Jenga’s rules are quite simple but the fascinating gameplay will capture you from the first minutes. Taking into account the benefits this game brings to our brain and fingers, this toy is one of the most often recommended board games for home collections. jenga will suit everyone – for children, it is useful for developing thinking and fine motor skills, while for adults it will become an irreplaceable source of fun and joyful mood.

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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  1. Jenga game rules are very simple and easy to learn but I think that’s a big part of what makes the game so fun. Most people already know how to play and they can learn quickly if they do not.

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