5 Best Board Games for 4 Year Olds
5 Best Board Games for 4 Year Olds
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Candy Land
Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures Board Game
Ages 3 & Up
For 2-4 players
15 minute playing time
ThinkFun Zingo 1-2-3 Number Bingo Game
Ages 4 & Up
For 2-6 players
The Ladybug Game
The Ladybug Game
Ages 4 & Up
For 2+
20 minute playing time
The Learning Journey: Match It! Memory - Alphabet
Ages 3 & Up
Good for Memory
26 Matching Pairs
Dont Break the Ice
Don</div><noscript><img src=Ages 3 & Up
For 2-4 players
Great Family Fun

Do you have the difficulties with picking awesome board games that will be interesting for active 4-year-olds? Let me help. I consider myself almost an expert already. Because after a few months of tests and reviews, I’ve created the list of awesome board games you can buy for your little children.

Things to look for in the board games for 4-year-olds

Nowadays, board game developers design the kids aged from 2 years, as well as educational board games for children 3 years. They do not only allow you to have fun in your spare time but also contribute to the development of skills and knowledge. Many parents prefer buying board games and include little kids because such titles contribute to the development of:

  • fine motor skills;
  • coordination;
  • memory;
  • reaction and observation;
  • speech;
  • imagination;
  • logic;
  • spatial thinking;
  • mathematical skills, counting.

Tabletop games for children of 4 years old can satisfy even the most demanding young players. Such games can be played with friends or parents, which, among other things, allows them to spend quality time together.

The best board game for a 4-year-old kid is the one that does not have difficult rules and does not take longer than 15 per gaming session. Children of this age will need help from adults to master the gameplay. It is very important to explain the rules to your child to cause him or her a genuine interest in the board game.

The box with the game should indicate 4+. When choosing a board game for small children, pay attention to the quality of materials. The game should be made of dense and safe material, have a bright design and do not contain small details.

Parents are already thinking about preparing their 4-year-old kids for school time. An excellent option would be to choose a board game that introduces future students to reading, oral, counting and spelling skills.

Psychologists advise having at home several different board games to switch if a child gets bored of playing the same game over and over again.

4-year-olds will enjoy playing top 5 best board games:

  1. Candy Land is a nice game for 2-4 players, with gaming sessions lasting no more than 15 minutes;
  2. Zingo is great for playing during family nights, with 2-6 players involved;
  3. The Ladybug is a cute tabletop game for little kids aged over 4 years old. It is good for 2 players and more;
  4. Alphabet helps to learn ABC thanks to 26 matching pairs of letters. It is a great memory game;
  5. Don’t Break the Ice delivers great family fun for 2-4 players;

Also, do not skip the video tutorial with the rules for playing Candy Land. Such video tutorials can be quite helpful. Please, share your thoughts about my choice of board games for 4-year-old kids. Subscribe if you like my reviews and want to read new posts dedicated to board gaming titles!

Video Tutorial: Best How To Play Candyland Tutorial

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