5 Best Board Games for 6 Or More Players
5 Best Board Games for 6 Or More Players
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Spontuneous - The Song Game
For 4-10 Players
30 minute playing time
Ages 8 and up
One Night Werewolf
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
For 3-10 players
10 minute playing time
Ages 8 and up
Telestrations Party Pack
For 4-12 Players
Over 2,000 words
Ages : 12+
Jenga Classic Game
Jenga Classic Game
For 1 or more players
54 Blocks
Ages 6+
Codenames: Pictures
Codenames: Pictures
For 2 to 8 or more players
15 minute playing time
Ages 14 and up

Trust me, it is not that easy to entertain even 3 people. The entertainment of 6 players is already a challenge. At a party, birthday event, or any outdoor activity it’s not always easy to find a common thing to do for everyone, being both fun and interesting. An excellent way is to offer board games for a group of family and friends. As a rule, these are sort of word or card games with funny tasks, games for inventing words, associations, or games for explaining words, concepts, and even whole expressions. Such games can be played both inside and outdoors.

“Expertish” recs on the best board games for 6 players and more:

  • Spontuneous is great for 4-10 players, an average session lasts for 30 minutes;
  • One Night Werewolf – I won’t stop recommending this great game, with short 10-minute sessions for a huge group of different friends. The recommended age is 8 years and older;
  • Telestrations is your choice if the group counts 12 players. It is a word-based title that includes over 2K words. The recommended age is 12 years and older;
  • Jenga Classic Game is a must-have game for a night with friends. Everyone loves to build and crash the giant wooden tower;
  • Codenames: Pictures is suitable for a group of 2-8 players. Each session lasts about 15 minutes. But the friends must be over 14 years old;

What do you think about the offered board games? Will you recommend these titles to your friends? I’m eager to learn your opinion.

Video Tutorial: Telestrations Game Instructions

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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  1. I’ve looked at a couple of different articles you have on this site with different games, but I must say that my personal favorite is Jenga. No other game can top it, to be honest. I’ve always been a fan of the game and will continue to be forever.

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