5 Best Board Games for 5 Players
5 Best Board Games for 5 Players
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Sequence Game
Sequence Game
For 2-12 players
Game of strategy
Ages 7 and up
For 2 8+ Players
15 minute playing time
Age 14 and up
Jenga Classic Game
Jenga Classic Game
For 1 or more players
54 Blocks
Ages 6+
Ticket to Ride
Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride
For 2-5 players
30-60 minute playing time
225 Colored Train Cars
Scattergories Game
Scattergories Game
For 2-6 players
Fast-thinking game
Ages 12+

So, you have an upcoming party between a group of 5 friends, family members or colleagues. And you want to deliver as much fun as possible. I am perfectly aware of this challenge and ready to assist you with this choice. Below you will find my criteria for buying the best board games for 5 players.

Features of the best board games for 5 people and more

Playability is an important feature that makes people interested in playing the same game for the second, third and following times.
Since we are talking about the choice of board games that strengthen good relationships among friends, family members or colleagues, I recommend choosing fun but not competitive games. So I wouldn’t consider Mafia. Often people transfer their relationship in such games, so usually such games do not contribute to the fun, but, on the contrary, heat the situation.

Cooperative board games for 5 players or more make the participants play not against each other but together. It is important for each team to work together, to develop a common strategy, to help each other in every way possible to win the game. There are games where there are no teams – either everyone wins or loses. Hooray for teambuilding if you pick the board games for 5 colleagues! A coop game for 5 players should not be complicated and must have short but intense gaming sessions.

Incredible board games for 5 players:

  • Sequence is a great strategy game for 2-12 players aged over 7 years and more;
  • Codenames is a 15-minute game, for the participants aged over 14 years and more;
  • Jenga is a classic game with 54 blocks to build a high tower. It is great for kids and adults;
  • Ticket to Ride offers 30-60 minutes of awesome and funny gameplay with 225 colored trains;
  • Scattergories Game is a fast-reaction game for 5 players aged over 12 years and more;

Have you ever heard of Ticket to Ride game? Watch the video tutorial explaining how to play these rules and have fun. What board games do you pick to play with family and friends? I’m really interested in your feedback and will answer everyone who will offer interesting picks for this review and the following ones. Thanks for choosing Jenga-Game.Com!

Video Tutorial: How To Play Ticket to Ride Europe

Feel yourself as an architect and adventurer, keeping the balance of the created masterpiece, and then as a desperate sapper, holding your breath rearrange the bar in the tower… Win, learn, meet new people in our Jenga club, and set new records with other participants!

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